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New ”Service Award” in the Taiwan Excellence Awards Encourages Firms to Raise Brand Value

The Taiwan Excellence Awards, commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), introduced a new "Service Award" to select and applaud enterprises that create value for customers and provide excellent customer service. At the "24th Taiwan Excellence Awards and Gold/Silver Awards Ceremony," April 21, President Ma Ying-Jeou personally presented the award to the three winning enterprises: Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.; Tatung Co.; and Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ma Ying-Jeou said in his speech at the award ceremony that great enterprises of the future must focus as much on customers and consumers as on R&D, production and services. Enterprises must understand customers’ needs and develop a variety of innovative business models in order for their services to enhance service competitiveness, create added value and become another engine pushing economic growth. Vice Minister of the MOEA Shen Jong-Chin also said that the MOEA wishes through this award to encourage domestic enterprises to pay equal attention to R&D, production and service. The enterprises should also make use of the MOEA's promotional resources overseas to let the world witness once again the quality and strengths of Taiwanese industry.

TAITRA Chairman Francis Liang said that TAITRA followed government policies in organizing the selection and helping the award-winning enterprises with international marketing. TAITRA also hopes through the Service Award to encourage Taiwanese enterprises to follow shifting trends, achieve diversity in their industries and added value in their products, and focus more on user experience and customer service to demonstrate the high added-value transformation and enhancement of Taiwanese industries through continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence. In addition, the Taiwan Excellence Awards confirm the validity and success of the government's policy on cultivating manufacturers' brands.

The Awards focused on five aspects of the services offered by the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards nominees including "customer needs," "customer service," "after-sales service," "customer satisfaction," and "customer relations." Eight nominees entered the finals after documentary review and the panel of judges visited the service sites of each enterprise. After rigorous examination of the enterprises' services, they selected 3 enterprises and awarded them with the honored Taiwan Excellence Service Award. The essence of the Taiwan Excellence Awards is now expanded from applauding innovative industrial products to praising leading, elite enterprises that pay equal attention to production and services.

The winners of the Taiwan Excellence Service Award each excel in providing service. For example, Johnson Health Tech has well trained maintenance and customer service personnel in their sales centers across the world and they have a superb management system in place to provide customer and sales services and app support. Tatung Co. has had remarkable performance in customer service, especially in improving "service promptness" in regard to customer complaints; their improvements won unanimous approval from the judges’ panel. Buffalo Machinery has established a complete and bilingual customer service organization, as well as a remote service system for its products which is able to provide instant and even preventative warnings to customers.

A complete analysis of the five aspects in the selection standards, including customers' needs, shows that these enterprises strongest common characteristic is their focus on “customer service” as a strategic core. Their customer service centers on the customer and actively explores the potential needs of target customers; the service personnel are well trained and fully authorized to satisfy customer requests quickly. Due to their high regard for customer user experience and recognition, departments related to customer services often acquire high-level or decision-making positions in the organization of their enterprises. In addition, they continue to survey customer satisfaction and analyze the results to improve their products and services as well as develop comprehensive corporate strategies. The preceding traits create value for customers, improve customer value and service, and enhance corporate competitiveness.

The 24th "Taiwan Excellence Gold & Silver Awards," the "Taiwan Excellence Awards," and the Taiwan Excellence "Service Award" of 2016 ended successfully and selection of the 25th Taiwan Excellence Award is scheduled to begin at the end of July. For information on the list of winners and selection process, please visit the Taiwan Excellence website (