Taiwan Products Made to enjoy life

The most patents in the world, unrivaled innovation

Taiwan is on a mission to lead in the development of information technology. Our innovative high-tech products in a number of different sectors have won the trust and praise from users around the world, laying the foundation for a solid advantage in the market. The result is a comprehensive industrial supply chain that spans design, manufacturing, sales, and branding. Whether it is Taiwanese brands or major international brands from other countries, an extremely high proportion of the world’s notebook PCs, tablets, smartphones, and computer peripherals that are of the highest quality, and innovatively designed, are from Taiwan. Countless brands in Taiwan have consistently invested in R&D and design to increase the innovation of their products, aiming to create a lifestyle centered around an exciting future of high-tech devices. The work being done in Taiwan by these dedicated brands are paving the way into the future.

Enriching health and empowering a love for the earth

Whether you cycle, work out, drive a car, or cruise on a scooter, Taiwan is always by your side whenever you’re on the road. That’s because a huge number of the world’s bicycles, sports equipment and recreational products all come from Taiwan. So whenever you’re racing forward with the wind in your face, it’s Taiwan that’s improving your personal health, and empowering you to fully enjoy the natural environment. With Taiwanese brands’ persistent pursuit of innovation, combined with their superior, precision manufacturing, Taiwanese companies have what it takes to make sports and recreational products of the highest quality. And through their continuing efforts in the development of technology, Taiwanese brands are always setting new milestones in the global marketplace.

Quality, usability, and safety for a beautiful life that is full of surprises

When it comes to household goods, Taiwan also holds a commanding position. Taiwan makes virtually anything you can imagine, from such necessities related to daily life as lighting equipment, home electronics and home furnishings, to a wide array of creative and cultural products. Quality, usability and safety are guaranteed. A plethora of iF and Red Dot design awards over the years attest to Taiwan’s high product quality. If you have the chance to visit Taiwan, you’re sure to experience many beautiful surprises. Yet, high-quality products from Taiwan already surround you, just as if you were to visit this abundantly rich, warm and enchanting island in person.