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Automatic Sanitary/Plumbing Equipment
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:SHD-101 , SDB-611 , SDF-601
SOLOMON Technology Corporation
award 3

Infrared sensor activated products include - Automatic Urinal and Closet Flusher, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Automatic Faucets, Automatic Hand Dryers.
Conserves water and electricity, sanitary, convenient, no touch activiation prevents transfer of germs and diseases.
Easy installation, use and maintenance.
Attractive appearance blends in well with most bathroom designs.
Flexible model designs support ODM/OEM customer requirements.


About SOLOMON Technology Corporation

Solomon was established in 1973. The company became publicly listed in 1996 on Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company's main businesses today are in power generation, automation, and LCD Display. Headquartered in Taipei, Solomon has one branch office in America, 7 in China, and two in Southeast Asia. Solomon also owns SGD and Data International, both are makers of LCD and LCD modules. The company including subsidiaries has 1,000 employees.

While Solomon began as a distributor of power generators, electronics components, and welding machinery, it has an increasing focus on automation business. Since 2014 a significant amount of corporate resources are dedicated to research and development of leading-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, 3D machine vision, Internet of Things, and robotic applications. The management team's goal is to establish Solomon within the next three years as a technology leader in these emerging fields not only in Taiwan but also globally.