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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:6201
award 3

Designed by Franco Sabattini and manufactured to Thunder Tiger's rigid specifications,this is the one car everyone has been waiting for.The EB-4 has the features demanded by today's top drivers.Features like an adjustable wheel base,adjustable front track and adjustable rear toe-in are standard on the EB-4.With front kick-up and rear anti-dive built into the chassis,it is easier to maintain speed through the jumps.The low center of gravity gives greater stability down the straightaway and through the chutes.Other standard features are full ball bearings,oil filled shocks,front and rear torque rods,front and rear anti-roll bars,quick change battery holder,water tight receiver box and a 125cc fuel tank.Six conical gears in the differential transfer power smoothly and efficiently while dual disk brakes provide the stopping power.If that isn't enough,30 option parts are available to take this buggy to the limit.you can available at better hobby shops worldwide.



Thunder Tiger, a professional R/C model brand belongs to Thunder Tiger Group, was born in 1979. Products lines cover all series radio control models, including RC helicopters, RC airplanes, RC cars, RC boats, RC submarines, RC model engines, and RC accessories. Dedicated to RC models market, Thunder Tiger has established its firm position with trustworthiness and innovations.
With core technology in R/C models and eco-conscious on taking good care for the earth, TTC has devoted to the R&D in tools and machines related to agriculture and gardening. Our goal is to reduce pollution, improve quality of life and we take this as our Green Energy Departments’ strategy for future development.


TTRobotix, a new brand from Thunder Tiger Corp., aim for environmental monitoring, meteorology, water conservation, fire protection, military, and other unmanned vehicle market.

TTRobotix release water, land and air unmanned vehicle products with gimbal, FPV, and the most popular GoPro camera.

Users can completely overlook the landscape of the earth through TTRobotix’ multi-axis device which apply new image transmission technology, HD image transmission systems, and thermal sensing system.

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