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Vertical Machining Center
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:V-700
Fair Friend Ent.Co., Ltd.
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l V-700 Vertical Machining Center (Mold King)
1. X/Y/Z travel 1100/700/600mm
2. X/Y/X rapid traverse 24/24/15m/min
3. Taper BT-40
4. Spindle speed 60-10000rpm
5. Spindle power 15HP
1. The machine development is go through FEM analysis to ensure it’s high rigidity construction
2. The dynamics simulation & construction analysis is used for designing to ensure machine’s accuracy and reliability
3. The symmetry construction designed is applied to the machine to reduce the heat deviation
4. High efficient and precise working
5. High speed and high torque and wide-range spindle motor. (50-6000rpm for BT-50)
6. Employing advanced labyrinth spindle nose design with air seal system
7. Y-axis 700mm long travel machining
8. THK heavy-load linear and wide guide
9. Debug program reduces machining time
10. High lever server reduces 3D machining time
11. ZF gear box is available (Option)


About Fair Friend Ent.Co., Ltd.

FEELER was established in 1985. FEELER is the original machining factory of the group. The main products during its beginning stage were Sawing Machines and Grinding Machines. Realizing the industry trend toward high automation and unmanned operations in the machine tool industry, the development in CNC Machine Tool was launched in the same year, and the brand name FEELER was established for the overseas marketing. In 1986, the first moving column vertical machining center in Taiwan was built and it was highly regarded by the market. After this success, the development of CNC Lathes was launched in order to complete the FEELER product line. The product range is contain as follow: Vertical/Horizontal turning and milling, 5-axis machining center, automatic production system and all line equipment...etc


Fair Friend Group (FFG) was established in 1979. After acquiring Feeler Machinery Factory, the Chairman, Mr. Jimmy Chu, and management decided to inherit Feeler brand and logo. Beside the original Feeler logo, management also added a Boomerang logo on the side, which symbolizes infinite development and growth of FFG.

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