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Wireless N Gigabit Multimedia VoIP Gateway
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:DVG-5802S
D-Link Corporation
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- The DVG-5802S Wireless N Gigabit Multimedia VoIP Gateway is the total solution for your integrated networking needs. It is equipped with 7 Gigabit interfaces for home network connections, latest wireless technology and 2 phone connections for VoIP telephony. At the heart of the device is a powerful processor capable of simultaneously handling multiple applications, including Internet browsing, online gaming, P2P (peer-to-peer) sessions, telephony and video
- The DVG-5802S delivers true telephone quality Internet voice telephony, resulting in clear and crisp audio, with no gaps or echo in conversation. State-of-the art QoS (Quality of Service) mechanisms dynamically prioritises VoIP traffic streams ensure no loss or degradation. Built-in smart error correction algorithm can conceal up to 30% of voice degradation in the event that traffic gets corrupted on the Internet. Provisioning service allows the service provider to automatically configure, manage and monitor the DVG-5802S remotely providing total ease of use for the consumer. Using Internet telephony will be as easy to use as a regular analog phone.
- The DVG-5802S is ready for the next evolution in wireless security with support for WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Built-in backwards compatibility to legacy 802.11b/g devices and Good Neighbour Policy support ensures minimal interference with other wireless networks. You can rest assure and fully enjoy wire-free digital multimedia experience with total peace of mind.
- The DVG-5802S decreases energy costs through the reduction of power consumption without sacrificing operational performance or functionality, providing benefits to the ecosystem and Home/SOHO users. Ports that have no link are automatically powered off, resulting in tremendous power saving.


About D-Link Corporation

Founded in 1986, D-Link is a global leader in advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communication solutions. We continually meet the needs of the digital home, small office, small-to-medium sized businesses, and enterprise environments.


In 1986, D Link founder Ken Kao and six colleagues set out on an entrepreneurial venture that would forever change the computer networking industry. D Link was founded under the name Datex Systems. The name D Link takes the leading D from Datex, combining it with the concept of a “link” connecting people. In fact, D Link’s Chinese name roughly translates as “friends networking together.” This concept continues to shape D Link’s brand today. Though founded as a small venture, D Link has since swelled into an international networking giant with over 2,800 employees worldwide. D Link has emerged as a trusted brand with a worldwide reputation for robust and affordable networking solutions, and has renewed its commitment to developing “green” technologies and IPv6 ready hardware which will prepare its customers for an alluring new era of ultimate connectivity.

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