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2-Bay Pro Network Video Recorder
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:DNS-726-4
D-Link Corporation
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In the middle to small business surveillance system, the key player is the video recorder. Currently, in the CCTV system is using DVR(Digital Video Recorder) for recording solution. It can provide multi-channel live display, OSD, playback, remote live view and remote live playback simultaneously. There are PC-based DVR which is powerful but costly and standalone DVR which is more cost effective. So the Standalone DVR is the best selling of the two. Meanwhile, in the IP surveillance industry, the most popular recording solution is installing the management software on a PC. A PC could be very powerful but the total cost of ownership is high. For 24/7 recording, the PC solution consumes more power and not environmentally friendly. D-Link provide a full featured NVR (Network Video Recorder) that reduces the total cost of ownership and yet environmentally green.

D-Link NVR
D-Link NVR supports real-time monitoring and playback from everywhere via an internet browser. The multiplex function can keep recording while users view live feeds and pre-recorded footages at the same time. With complete video management, display and playback ability makes it a convenient and versatile video recorder.

The advantage of D-Link NVR
Simply the best
1. Total solution: A standalone SATA RAID network video recorder, compact in size with security lock and capable with 24/7 recording without a PC. Multiple network cameras management with friendly GUI. Direct access to view live video and playback recorded data through the internet from anywhere anytime.
2. Easy to use: Easy to search cameras, setup network, view multiple cameras, record, playback and manage events.
3. Remote camera configuration: NVR has simple and clear interface to load configuration from cameras , and setup camera compression, resolution and frame rate from a single page for all connected camera.
4. Megapixel resolution support: The major advantage of digital over analog video is its higher resolution support. The NVR supports high resolution megapixel recording for a more vivid video with high clarity.

Complete Network functionality
1. PPPoE support: D-Link NVR utilizes ADSL services, It will connect to the internet via the ISP ADSL transceiver (modem) over Ethernet.
2. DDNS support: Dynamic DNS is a solution for user who doesn’t have fixed IP address. With DDNS service, user can connect to the NVR from the internet with an easy to remember domain name.
3. NTP support: The recording time is a key index of the recorded data as important evidence. NTP protocol can get the updated time from an internet server and adjust the NVR’s time automatically.
4. DHCP client: The NVR can get an IP address from a DHCP server and is easy to search during installation.

Fully Functional Recording
1. Multiple various recording schedule: There are many recording options for different applications, the flexible drag and drop interface is very easy to understand and yet very comprehensive. Of course, user can simply select “always recording” for continuous recording. But if you just want the cameras to record during office off hours or every morning, then you can set everything you need here. Every camera can setup the daily or weekly schedule independently. There are “always recording” and “event recording” for daily scheduling. Multiple schedule on a single day is also possible. (DNS-722-4 support always and manual recording only)
2. Recording auto overwrite: NVR has an option to overwrite the oldest data automatically when the HDD space runs out. This allows uninterrupted non-stop security recording.
3. Remaining recording: There is another useful function to manage recorded data. User is able to decide how many days of the recording should be kept .within, the HDD capacity limit. For example, if the NVR has the capacity to store 7 days of recording, if the overwrite option is on, the NVR will keep recording the 8th day and delete the 1st day when it cross to next day.
4. Recording stop alert: NVR has an option to stop recording when the HDD is full. User can setup to receive the notice by E-mail or by an external device connected to the digital output, such as a alarm or light.

Highly Secure
1. Secure data: Support RAID 1 by mirroring two SATA drives, duplicating the data in two separate drives.
2. Auto boot after power recovery: The NVR will boot up automatically once the power recovered after a power outage.
3. Access list control: User can list the acceptable and block IP addresses to filter the external connections; this feature increases data security.
4. Front panel lock: A front panel lock keeps the HDD secure and avoid unauthorized access.
5. Rear panel lock hole: A key lock hole is available to secure the whole NVR with a cable lock.
6. Multiple user privilege control: Every user can have different privileges to the live view and playback of individual cameras. Audio and PTZ functions are also optional.
7. UPS status monitor: A UPS can used as emergency power supply for the NVR. Thru USB port, the NVR will perform a proper shutdown before the battery power runs out.
8. Backup recording data: The recorded data is store in a database and the user can backup the entire database to another specified storage location.

Powerful Event management
1. Camera status: The camera status page will show connection, recording, frame rate and bit rate information of each camera. Meanwhile, the estimated available recording time is also displayed for quick reference.
2. Flexible Event management: Event setup is another key configuration of the NVR. The NVR can monitor all of the camera triggers from motion detection or digital input interface. One of the most powerful function is notification application. The NVR centrally controls the digital output, email and recording of all the connected cameras. For example, camera 1 detected motion, the NVR can trigger camera 2 to record, camera 3 to output a light and camera 4 to turn to the preset position. (DNS-726-4 only)
3. Event log: With the simple event log the log pages are organized by date for easy look up.
4. Multiple mail lists: User can setup multiple contact lists for the event notification.

Instant Live View
1. Full screen: Enlarge the display to full screen of live view and recorded video.
2. Drag and drop GUI: With multiple channels are enabled, users can change channel by drag and drop control.
3. Camera Name and status on OSD: Show the specific camera names on each video channel for easier identification. Always or Event recording status is also displayed on the screen to avoid unintentional recording interuption.
4. PTZ/Audio support: Selected camera could control the PTZ functions by the buttons or directly click on the video. When a camera is selected the authorized user will hear the audio from the camera.
5. Preset point: Directly set the preset point from NVR UI and go to any preset point by selecting from the stored list.
6. Quad view: Multiple channel display on the live view, currently it supports 1 and 4 channel display.
7. Digital Zoom: Videos can be enlarged by digital zoom.

Intelligent Playback
1. Smart Search: Searching through recorded data is normally time consuming and it’s a tedious and frustrating job for users. The NVR supports intelligent search function which can search the data by selecting an area on the video and set search sensitivity. Once the NVR found the area has motion detected, object missing, object abandoned, focus lost or camera occlusion, it will display the list and play from the event time frame. (DNS-726-4 only)
2. Multiple channel playback: After selecting the desired video period, the NVR will begin to playback, DNS-726-4 supports 4 channel simultaneous playback on a screen. DNS-722-4 supports 1 channel.
3. AVI/ASF outputs: During playback, if the user found something important that needs to be exported, there two optional formats to select from. ASF file format will include the time stamps on the video.
4. Playback speed control: Up to 16x speed fast forward or fast backward play.
5. Step playback: NVR support one frame at a time display during playback.
6. Video enhancement: Users can adjust the recorded video to get enhanced output for brightness, sharpness…etc. This can apply to playback viewing, snapshots or prints.
7. Print picture: If a printer is connected to the user’s PC, the NVR can print the selected still photos to a printer directly.


About D-Link Corporation

Founded in 1986, D-Link is a global leader in advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communication solutions. We continually meet the needs of the digital home, small office, small-to-medium sized businesses, and enterprise environments.


In 1986, D Link founder Ken Kao and six colleagues set out on an entrepreneurial venture that would forever change the computer networking industry. D Link was founded under the name Datex Systems. The name D Link takes the leading D from Datex, combining it with the concept of a “link” connecting people. In fact, D Link’s Chinese name roughly translates as “friends networking together.” This concept continues to shape D Link’s brand today. Though founded as a small venture, D Link has since swelled into an international networking giant with over 2,800 employees worldwide. D Link has emerged as a trusted brand with a worldwide reputation for robust and affordable networking solutions, and has renewed its commitment to developing “green” technologies and IPv6 ready hardware which will prepare its customers for an alluring new era of ultimate connectivity.

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