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Unified Security Gateway
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:ZyWALL USG 100 / ZyWALL USG 200
Zyxel Communications Corporation
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ZyXEL ZyWALL Unified Security Gateway
Designed for SMB environments, the ZyWALL USG 100/200 integrates both security protection and network management capabilities such as firewall, anti-virus, hacker deterrence, and spam mail blocking, etc. The device also features content filtering, bandwidth management and IM/P2P usage policies to boost corporate network productivity. In addition, its VPN function allows branch offices to establish virtual private networks among remote offices, business partners and mobile users; through secure IPSec VPN or SSL VPN tunnels, sensitive business information can be delivered via the Internet without the risk of being tapped.

Product features:
1. Security Threat Management Designed for SMB
With the need of SMB networks in mind, the ZyWALL USG 100/200 has been designed to integrate high-performance security and network management capabilities. Thanks to the custom SecureASIC accelerator and dual-processor architecture, the device can easily maintain desirable UTM performance even with all security and network management features activated. The outstanding speed and functionalities not only protect the SMB networks, but also remove the possible bottlenecks hindering the network efficiency.

2. Supports to Two Virus Signature Formats
This is a unique design of the ZyWALL USG 100/200. Supporting two virus signature formats, ZyWALL USG 100/200 is compatible with signature files from Kaspersky, a renowned anti-virus software maker, while users can also download ICSA-certified signature updates from ZyXEL servers to further provide non-stop protection to the entire network, without the need to reboot or switch to a new hardware.

3. Integrated VPN (IPSec and SSL) Features
Regardless of the company size, the ZyWALL USG 100/200 provides an adequate access mechanism with secure data encryption. The IPSec VPN tunnels can ensure discreet data access between company headquarters and branch offices, while SSL VPN tunnels provide protected data channels even without having any client software installed.

4. IM/P2P Usage Control
Since abuse of instant messenger and P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing software may harm a company's competitiveness, the corporate IT staff must come up with policies to regulate the usage of such applications in order to regain productivity and reduce security risks. The Application Patrol feature of the ZyWALL USG 100/200 can effectively administer IM and P2P usages by specifying when, who and where the applications can be used, and even which feature of the software can be activated.

5. Advanced Layer-7 Bandwidth Management
The network bandwidth requires effective administration and allocation to become a useful tool for enterprises. As IM and P2P usages are devouring corporate network bandwidth, regular applications such as VoIP and secure VPN tunnels between headquarters and branch offices can hardly get the required bandwidth to work smoothly. As many bandwidth management products on the market performs only Layer-4 packet limitation on connection ports, some IM/P2P applications already have the ability to scan available ports to evade the restraint. The ZyWALL USG 100/200 can effectively analyze the Layer-7 traffics to determine the behavior of applications, and then apply proper regulation on instant messaging, file transfer and voice conversation to fully utilize the bandwidth as what it's supposed to be.

6. UTM for Wi-Fi and 3G Wireless Networks
The ZyWALL USG 100/200 comes with USB and PC Card interfaces for additional expandability. In addition to two WAN ports supporting multiple ISP connections, outbound Internet access can be established via 3G/3.5G network cards attached to the USB port as a backup, while inbound wireless connection is provided with an 802.11a/b/g wireless PC Card that acts as an access point. Better yet, both inbound and outbound connections are still under the all-time protection of security and management functionalities.

7. ICSA Firewall, IPSec and Anti-Virus Certification
The ZyWALL USG 100/200 has passed the firewall, IPSec VPN and anti-virus certification tests conducted by the prestigious ICSA Labs to guarantee the network security protection of the highest standard.

8. Comprehensive Reporting System
The full-featured report generation system built into the ZyWALL USG 100/200 can clearly reveal information about attack attempts and bandwidth usage; it also works with external reporting systems to collect and record logs, as well as to help corporate IT staff performing statistic analyses, network status diagnostics and risk evaluation.

The visionary design concepts all demonstrate ZyXEL's unique power in the network security field, its industry-leading standing and its competitive advantage that requires no price slashing. At ZyXEL, we solve difficulties and provide the best experience with innovative solutions to win trust and loyalty from our customers, and thus enable ourselves to keep moving forward.


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