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ZyXEL Entertainment Excellence Box Office (ZEEBO)
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:DMA-2000
Zyxel Communications Corporation
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The First Multimedia E-commerce Platform
The ZyXEL DMA-2000 integrates information from audio and video media sources such as computers, Web sites, digital TV and network storages, along with various services, to become a versatile digital media player.

- Delivering digital contents stored on the computer to the TV and play, so users don’t need to burn and distribute the contents or fix their eyes on smaller computer screens.
- Connecting to popular media sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr to watch video or share digital contents. Sharing such media is no longer just between family members or sending data from computer to TV. In fact, it’s now possible to perform remote sharing with just television.
- The built-in browser provides a platform for media distributors or advertising agencies to promote products and services through the network, and users can also enjoy the latest information or programs recommended by service providers.
- The built-in digital TV module allows users to record a program while watching another, so no program will be missed again for the time or space limitation.
- Images from the supported IP camera can be monitored on the TV, so users can keep an eye on their homes through the platform.
- The built-in browser of DMA-2000 allows users to browse media sharing Web sites using a remote control without additional configuration.

Unique Sales Channels for Digital Contents
Sales channels for audio and video contents have evolved from rental stores (such as Blockbuster), mailing (Netflix), DVD vending machines (Redbox) to online sales and rental (Apple’s iTunes). The future will see more variations of content sales and rental services like interactive media kiosks that deliver directly to personal storage devices. ZyXEL’s DMA-2000 is a practical combination of software and hardware platform to bring the services into your living room without the complicated computer interface. Better yet, the USB interface of DMA-2000 allows direct playing of contents purchased from kiosks without the tangling network cables and settings.

A Software/Hardware Development Platform for Service Providers
- The comprehensive digital rights management (DRM) features built into DMA-2000 are sufficient for handling related issues.
- With multiple input and output ports on the backplane, the DMA-2000 takes signals from different sources and delivers to devices such as TV monitors or home stereos.
- The DMA-2000 works with digital TV modules and many other ZyXEL products as a platform of hardware and software combination for service providers to construct their respective content delivery infrastructures.
- DMA-2000 employs the single-chip solution with industry-leading computational power, audio/video presentation, network security and content protection functionalities from Sigma Design. The solution integrates digital image broadcasting, home networking and DLNA software collaborating with ZyXEL network storage products to provide visual monitoring functions and flexible digital home entertainment services to generate more profits for service providers.

High-Quality Media Presentation
The ZyXEL DMA-2000 features HDMI, an interface that supports high-definition video output, for media presentations of higher quality and more details. It works best with large-format screens for customers to enjoy the top-notch home theater entertainments they can get.

New Value Chains of Media Services
In a conventional distribution chain of physical media, the channel, stocking and storefront expenses would take up a significant portion of the overall cost. To solve this, DMA-2000 provides a platform for content providers to sell or rent contents through Internet or kiosks; this not only reduces the distribution cost but also creates a brand-new value chain for digital home entertainments. The new chain will become the basis of many rich, competitive services in the future while customers adopt the new media. In addition, DMA-2000 is a service platform with DRM capabilities to relieve concerns copyright holders may have, and further encourage them to participate and support the new distribution channels to facilitate the emergence of exciting media services.


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