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Motorized Treadmill
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:MU600/ MU700
Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.
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The product is one of the best treadmills in the market with its innovative functions, ergonomic concepts and fashioned shape.
1. Green Earth (environment protection) concept: 90% of parts and components of the product can be recycled. We want to reach the concept of "Green Technology".
2. Personal healthy management program: Users will have their own fitness program and storage it by USB to manage their healthy status. The program seems user’s personal home doctor. Users’ personal trainer can watch and manage the process of user's exercise to provide their patients better and suitable sporting program or advice.
3. International safe regulation: The product will pass the international safety regulations which are CE,EN,GS,ETL,UL and etc. by buyer
4.120-degree handlebar: To achieve ergonomics, the 120 degree handlebar is more comfortable than normal one to users.
5. Adjustable suspension: The adjustable suspension can fit different weight users, and minimize the impact of knees.
6. Adjustable Panel: 8-degree adjustable panel can suit different line of sights and light.
7. Just lightly kick the bar, the folded structure can easily, safely release.
8. Multi-piece shell design: Patented shell design with 3-D shape and option of color or material.
9. Our products have sold in over 50 countries in the world wide. The brand of “Strength Master” means “INSPIRED to EXCEL” and ”ASPIRED to EXCEED” to bring quality products to all costumers .


About Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

Strength Master focuses on creating a healthy and a new attitude on life. We are devoted to changing people’s conventional perception that fitness equipment is only for managing figures. To face the new lifestyle and technology-friendly future, we will continue innovating, interacting with customers and work on becoming smarter. Our target is to help people effectively implement good exercise habits, and provide more diligent care. Strength Master holds the spirit of “i-Style, i Sport, i-Smart” to serve customers. We are your smart health partner!


In 2001,LifeSpan introduced a line of fitness equipment that targeted the 55+ health conscious consumer.The line was globally recognized for its award winning exercise equipment for the home,rehabilitation and fitness center use.We’ve expanded our product line from the home-use to include the gym,office and partnering with the Fitness Forever exercise program.This partnership provides us with proven competency in developing medically based exercise programs and an in-depth understanding of the medical fitness market.LifeSpan continues to create advanced product solutions to different lifestyles.We are committed and passionate about delivering products and services worldwide to people focused on living a long and healthy life.We don’t limit our thinking to the traditional definition of exercise equipment either.We believe that supporting an active lifestyle means providing products that work indoors,outdoors,at home,in the office or in the gym.

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