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Solar Complex Energe E-bike
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:Solar Complex Energe E-bike
award 3

The Merida "Solar Complex Energe E-bike" was a really interesting design concept. With the growing use and popularity of electric bikes, environmentalists have started to worry about the highly poisonous batteries used in them and the amount of extra fossil fuel which will be burned while charging them. Well it didn't take long before someone stuck solar panels to their E bike to finally shut them up make them happy.
The "Solar Complex Energe E-bike" by Merida is like any other E bike only while you can pop open its solar panels to top up the battery. The dual solar panels open from the frame like wings. The "Solar Complex Energe E-bike" also featured a neat linkage suspension fork, a slip streamed design to cut through the air and hydraulic disc brakes to slow you down from your eventual dizzying speeds.



Merida is founded in 1972 and is a Taiwan-based company that designs, manufactures and markets high-end bicycles and electric assisted bicycles globally to over 80 countries. After being an OE manufacturer for many years, Merida started to sell its own Merida-brand bicycles in late 1980s. Merida became a publicly traded company on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange since 1992. With an annual consolidated sales revenue of USD860 million in 2018, Merida has been ranked Best Taiwan Global Brands Top 20 for years with a brand value of approximately USD328 million in 2018.


Whenever we create a bike, it means much more than working on a particular project or suspension platform: we tell a story. Because also in 2015, each of our numerous models is packed with thousands of thoughts and ideas, countless discussions and hours of concentration and refinementM
began in 1972. The founding of Merida Industry Co., Ltd., dates back as far as to that year. Equally far back reaches the tradition that we feel obliged to the three Chinese syllables “Me-Ri-Da”. They mean nothing less than each of our bikes has to be an equally beautiful and sustainably valuable bike which carries it’s riders to her/his destinations as pleasantly as possible – in the narrower as well as in the wider literal sense. Many steps lie between then and today. But with each single bike, we once again start with the first step…

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