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New Generation Sweet Home Elevator
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:VSP-064C6 / DAP-062S6
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The New Generation Sweet Home Elevator, with its high efficiency, artistry, speed, and economy, is worthy of your choice. Let New Generation Sweet Home Elevator become a part of your family and create a happy and comfortable living space for your family.
A.Why do you need the Sweet Home Elevator?
1. Enhances overall value of the architecture.
2. Carries articles and goods more conveniently.
3. Accommodates the handicapped.
4. Cozier living environment for the multi-generation household.
5. Safer to use for the elderly, in an aging society.
6. Offers a high-quality living environment and is flexible for future planning.
B.Is the Sweet Home Elevator affordable?
1. Costs have been lowered by standardization.
2. Unnecessary expenses can be avoided by professional project planning and coordination.
3. Single phase (AC 220V) power supply with VVVF control reduces power consumption.
4. Installation period can be reduced by 30%.
New Generation Sweet Home Elevators, from the standard and optional functions, decorative equipments and accessories, to safety devises are the ultimate of LIWIN employees; special dedication and care to our clients.
1. Auto Energy Saving
Cabin lighting and fan will be turned off automatically if the standby duration expires the designated time. Once the cabin is called, the functions are reactivated to save power energy.
2. Emergency Lighting
In case of power failure, the emergency lighting device (5W) inside the cabin will automatically activate. The emergency lighting can last up to 30 minutes.
3. In-Cabin Communication with Outside
In-Cabin communication system to connect with the outside (telephone number
is to be provided by the proprietor).
4. Floor Indicator
Car/Hall Operating Panels will display the elevator floor location.
5. Emergency Call
Passengers may push an electric bell call for help in case of power failures or emergencies.
6. Door Open, Close Button
Push open button door will open again.
Push close button door can be close earlier to save waiting time.
7. Time-Delay Door Opening
By pressing the open button on cabin operating panel for more than 3 seconds, the door will be kept open for 3 minutes (Time adjustable). This function is more convenience for the handicapped and article carriers.
8. Overload Limit
When the loading detector detects an excess of weight, cabin door will stay open and the elevator is prevented from moving. Meanwhile, the alarm will sound until the load is reduced. The elevator will then resume to normal operation.
9. Passenger Priority
Passenger can press close button continually and the elevator will arrive directly to the registed floor and will not answer to other callings.
10. Cancellation
By rapidly pressing the floor number button twice, the passenger can cancel the registed floor.
11. Door Auto Reverse
When door closing and discouraged by other objects, if resistance force over motor torque, door will stop or reopen.
12. Door Side Safety Edge
When resistance is confronted during door closing, the safety edge device will be activated to stop the door from closing.
The high efficient traction machine, integrated with variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) power exchange system, as well as micro-computer and feedback technologies, our elevators can transmit accurate operating situation. The results are superb energy-efficiency and impressive smooth rides. Its Collective Operating System is function completed, easy to operate, equipped with safety devises compliance with CNS demands requirements.

5. Energy-efficient designs can reduce electricity expenses.
C.The Sweet Home Elevator is the best choice for home living
1. Complete functions, simple operations and high safety feature.
2. Several layout plans that can meet different needs.
3. Varieties of materials to accomodate clients’ different and unique tastes.
4. Control lock can be added to designated floors for privacy.
5. In-cabin communication system with the outside.
6. Time-delay door opening, door cancellation, and passenger priority, among
other features, provide safety and ease for the handicapped and those
carrying articles.
D.The Sweet Home Elevator is suitable for installation in:
1. villas. 4. Motels.
2. Apartments. 5. Resident houses and buildings.
3. Shops and stores. 6. Additions to existing structures.
E.Is the quality of the Sweet Home Elevator reliable?
1. ISO 9001 certified.
2. High quality control during the manufacturing and installing process.
3. Professional and skilled technicians.
4. Knowledgeable and well-trained maintenance and service team.
5. ERP computerized management system to ensure spare-parts supplies.
6. 24 hour maintenance provided.



LIWIN Company, established in 1981, makes efforts in researching, developing, programming, designing, manufacturing, installing, maintenance, and repairing in Residential Elevator, Business Elevator, Cargo Elevator, Clean-Room Carrying Equipment, Escalator, and Stairlift.

LIWIN creates the central value of products in differentiation and internationalization, developing our own brand “LIWIN” to promote in both domestic and foreign market, such as Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Guinea and so on.

Besides, LIWIN won 2009 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD because of its elegant design, convenience, and safety device.