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Mixer Valve
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:6757-XQ-80CP
award 3

Function Feature:
Customers need not to assemble a big and space-occupied faucet to adjust the temperature any more; this creative Mixing Valve breaks the rules of your existing thought of how to adjust the temperature. Besides, there is a switch inside the valve, for installing, disassembling and maintaining the faucet more easily.
Figure Concept:
Based on the Functionalism of “Form Follows Function,” though this product is installed on the wall, the unsophisticated design easily simplifies and saves the using space. Differed from the existing wall-mounted faucet, customers have more choices when choosing collocating faucets.
Design Innovation:
Observing customers’ needs, analyzing the function in market, and modulizing the structure then re-arrange the design, the Mixing Valve utilized the basic function to create an innovative function.
Design Strategy:
At the meanwhile of innovation, JUSTIME tried to reach a balance between customers’ needs and the fundamental strategy. JUSTIME abandons the vicious price war but makes use of innovative and excellent design ability to obtain the opportunity in market. Furthermore, JUSTIME is aggressive to lead the market trend and go far in this industry. Follows are the main strategies of this creative Mixing Valve:
1. In conformity with the minimalism aesthetics of JUSTIME image and oriented by customers’ needs
2. In complying with international regulation to upgrade the vale of product and the acceptance in market
3. Putting Ergonomics into consideration
4. Complete research and design plan to raise the quality of product and lower the design and manufacturing cost



Sheng Tai Brassware Corporation (ST) was established in 1976 by an ambitious and energetic management team. The strategy was to provide a developing and manufacturing service for customers who need excellent design and reliable quality.
Now, ST has been continuously dedicating its resource to the research and development on both producing techniques and quality improvement. We are proud of providing comprehensive service to customers of global markets.
Sheng Tai dedicated towards design in bathroom products, and established own brand “JUSTIME,” which has gained lots of global awards, such as red dot Product Design Award, iF Product Design Award, Chicago Good Design Award , Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, and IDEA Award.
JUSTIME works for not only presenting much more fashionable fine works to the universe but would like to invite the buyers who are looking for novel designs to share this new sanitary trend together.


JUSTIME Life should be relaxed and full of aesthetics. JUSTIME provide the total solution service of products to make users’ life could be easier and more convenient. JUSTIME designs not only offer the perfect and considered function, but also break the traditional frame with creative shape to endow life appliances with fashionable beauty and fit for the entirety home designs. Local Service Plumbing fittings and faucets need professional service team, so we established the agent networks to provide high quality products and service in the local markets. We insist to stay in Taiwan to design and produce high quality products, and provide the immediate and custom-built service to make products to fit for the personal requirements of users.

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