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Thearpy Alternating Pressure Pump and Mattress System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:EXCEL-8000
Apex Medical Corp.
award 3

This pump and mattress system is designed to prevent bed sores classified for Stage II use.
Stable pressure and low noise air chamber design, with patents in Taiwan, USA, and China.
Adjustable pressure valve patented in Taiwan
The external case design is patented in USA
With simple module constuction design, the pump is easily configured into various models to meet different needs of different stages of bed sores.
This product is approved and certified by: CE, GM, UL, CSA, and FDA.


About Apex Medical Corp.

APEX Medical Corporation was founded in 1990, bearing with the mission ”Care for a Healthy Life”, it has become a patient-focused, innovation-driven global medical solution provider. With its devotion to healthcare, APEX products have been developed as a range of solutions: from support surfaces products, respiratory therapy products to medical equipment for providing first-class healthcare solutions to improve patients’ life quality.


The corporate motto of APEX is “Do the right thing the first time.” In order to provide a better medical environment to medical personnel, care-givers and care-receivers, APEX continually offers comprehensive products through clinical research and its advanced medical engineering technologies so as to make “Care for a Healthy Life” and “Smiling Healthy Life” a reality.