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Solid State Drive
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:AS602
Apacer Technology Inc.
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1. Data transfer via the latest SATA 3.0 Gb/s interface
AS602 SSD embrace SATA II serial transmission in peer-to-peer structure. Compared with the transfer specification of 1.5 Gb/s of SATA I, the 3.0 Gb/s SATA II interface not only increases the data transfer speed to 300Mbps but also supports NCQ to optimize the order for enhanced performance.

2. The first-ever 285MB/sec read performance
AS602 SSD features the Sandforce controller, achieving the first-ever blazing performance of up to 285/275MB/sec sequential read/write speed thanks to its exclusive PageMapping structure. AS602 boasts 30k/13k input/output IOPS for 4KB file transfer — the read/write speed the becomes 100 times faster for fragmented files in contrast to a HDD, which delivers merely hundreds of input/output operations.

3. 100 times the SSD durability
AS602 SSD adopts Sandforce controller, which reduces the number of frequent write operations and extends the lifespan of NAND Flash chips by taking advantage of its DuraClass technology. This renders AS602 100 times more powerful than other SSDs in terms of reliability; even MLC-based SSDs can deliver enterprise class reliability. Meanwhile, the addition of RAISE technology, 24-bit ECC function, and 128-bit AES encryption has boosted the data security, making AS602 a high-spec SSD with stronger stability and longer lifespan.

4. Fully compatible with Windows 7
To upgrade the SSD performance and lifespan after the use for long periods of time, AS602 SSD spares users from having to update the firmware by using advanced SSD optimization technology of Windows 7 to accelerate the write speed.

5. Silver hairline Design
AS602 SSD is given a fingerprint-resistant hairline finish exterior, coated with full-aluminum materials for durability. The absence of bland-looking plastic applied to the case not only provides anti-shatter, anti-shock and low power consuming features intrinsic to SSDs, but adds a classy, chic touch to the AS602.


About Apacer Technology Inc.

Apacer Technology offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the industry.


Apacer is the recognized name in innovative memory module supply that is widely used in digital media applications as well as reading and sharing of digital data. Apacer truly understands the importance of digital data storage and duplication, hence continues to develop optimized versions of digital storage solutions.
Using its witty slogan “Access the Best” to represent its effort to enhance brand value, Apacer dedicates itself in providing the best products and services. “Access” literally suggests total convenience and freedom in data reading, sharing and communication, while “Best” represents unparalleled quality. Apacer in fact promises users improved digital experiences with its line of memory modules and peripherals.

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