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Recumbent bike
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:R3000i
Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.Simply press each console button flashes in blue and in the proper sequence, the smart lighting system quickly and easily gets your workout started.
2.Manage your health and exercise through a simple USB storage device and online system,IHP provides an easy way for you to achieve the goal. It automatically saves the personal exercise data to USB storage,allows you to monitor your exercise results anytime and anywhere.You are not only free to create your own customized exercise program designing by experts but enable you to update the exercise workouts.
3.The adjustable seat develops a comfortable use to users of different heights,the linkage creates the flexible adjustment on seat locations and height.The heart rate sensor lays on hand posts where users relaxingly set their hands, sensibly measures the heart rate without grip.design of ease:
4.The seat and back could be arranged to suit user’s needs.
You could choose the coziest operation with different angle.The back is with reticular structure, breathable and comfortable.
1.We offer on-line after service to our customers. Each customer has its own account on our website to download service manual, video, exploded diagram, and status of after-service.
2.We join non-traditional distribution channel to sell our products. Non- traditional distribution channel includes health centers, retirement centers, fitness test centers, America Air Force, AARP, United States Forest Service, and Best Buy.
3.Establishing IHP system,a health on-line manage system,are able to ally with different industries. It is another platform for us to promote products.
4.Products of Strength Master are recognized and reworded by several independent organizations specialist retailer.We received award of excellence(sliver awards)and others to recognize our strengths in all aspects.Treadmill Doctor,Consumer Guide,2nd wind,Sport-Tiedje,Infiniti Fitness Systems、Health Magazine rank our products as one of best buy.


About Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

With the headquarter situated in Taiwan, Strength Master is applying global business and management strategies to adapt to the rapid development and globalization of market competitions. The R&D centers in both Taiwan and the U.S. specialize in product development based on the user-centered design with mature and established production technologies to deliver trustworthy products. Strength Master aims to help people follow through their workout routines by integrating both hardware and software to provide an all-inclusive solution to health and wellness. With this goal in mind, we actively follow our aspiration to be the leader in the field of health and wellness with our passion and expertise.


LifeSpan is dedicated to benefiting the way people work, exercise, and live in sustainable, healthy ways. Our quality products and innovative vision have inspired fitness and wellness as a way of everyday life since 2001. By specializing in solutions created uniquely for the home, gym, workplace, and everywhere in between, it is helping to empower individuals to find better health regardless of the setting. Founded in Fitness, its competency is on display in impressive line of home and commercial exercise equipment. Through dedication to quality hardware and progressive technology, consumers receive astonishing health benefits and unbeatable value with equipment. As the global leader in professional active workstations, treadmill desks and bike desks blend professionalism with functionality to ensure zero disruption and limitless value. Designed for use by single professionals, teams, or by companies as a whole, Workplace helps you progress as you work, one step at a time.

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