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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:褐金/紫紅/艷灰/水藍/翠綠
award 3

In the developed nations the contact lens penetration rate is more than 25%. Contact lens products come with variety of specifications as a result of different modality, water content, gas permeability and materials. To survive in this highly competitive industry, if one could not predict and meet the market trend with appropriate products in the right time, it will be easily eliminated through competition.
The important features that generation X and Y (18~34 years old) weigh heavily when choosing contact lenses are not only the functional aspects of it such as visual correction and conveniences, but also the uniqueness among peers and daily replacement for eyes healthy. St.Shine Optical, the company that continuously delivered innovative and fashion contact lens products to this market segment, developed the “TICON Wonderful Daily Disposable Contact Lens”in 2006.
It is the result of accommodating together the existing production technologies and printing techniques, enhanced automation for costs effectiveness. This products was launched in 2010 after meeting all necessary tests on human eyes.
The Basic design ideas for“TICON Wonderful Daily Disposable Contact Lens”is to create the effect of iris enlargement with selection of natural beautiful colors. It is then the most value-for-money daily product available in the market.
5 important features of the product:
1. Exclusive Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing effect.
2. "Wrap in” technology to contain the dye material within the lens
material, without direct contact with eyes.
3. With large 6.5mm Optic zone for clearer vision.
4. With UV blocking material to contain the Ultra-Violet light.
5. With wide selection of colors” Hazel, violet, Grey, Aqua and Green.
Promotional features:
1. Product endorsement:Celebrity Mr. Mike He(賀軍翔) and Web
model Kerina(妞妞)。
2. Targeting two market segments: College students and Office



St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. is an experienced contact lens manufacturer offering a wide variety of products for domestic and international markets with innovative technology and design. From conventional lathe-cut to cast-molding, from RGP to soft contact lens, from daily to frequent replacement disposable products.
The company was founded in 1986, who have years of experience and knowledge in the contact lens industry, which includes contact lens fitting, optical designing, manufacturing, and marketing.
Over the following decade, St.Shine became the largest supplier of contact lenses in Taiwan based on high performance products for myopic and hyperopic patients together with patented lenses for the effective correction of astigmatism.


"帝康" brand is named from health and English meanings. "帝" is Saint, it means that our achieviement is the top level. "康" is con, it jast two meanings. One is health and another is homonymic of "con"tact lens.