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8Ch HD-SDI Full HD Digital Video Recorder
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:Paragon HD
EverFocus Electronics Corp.
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Real-time High Definition Resolution Recording over COAX
The Paragon HD DVR makes a tremendous leap forward in image quality by providing more than 6 times higher resolution than SD DVRs to record and playback HD image quality at 240/200 FPS that were carried over COAX. It also provides HD quality still image recording in response to event notifications.

H.264 Compression Technology
H.264 compression technology is considered to be approximately 1.5 times more efficient in compression ratio than MPEG4, and its another benefit is the remote viewing of high quality images with lower LAN/WAN bandwidth utilization.

Pentaplex operation plus Dual streaming
For optimized system performance, the Paragon HD DVR can simultaneously record HD resolution on all 8 cameras at 30/25 FPS. It also automatically employs dual streaming for remote multiplex displays, reducing the image size in the DVR to efficiently deliver 30/25 FPS on all cameras for full motion simultaneous remote viewing of up to 8 cameras.

Convenient Monitoring and Video Streaming
The Paragon HD DVR has a built-in web server that enables users to monitor live and playback DVR images without special software, through a web browser from any supported PC. It also supports http streaming for MAC and PDA/SmartPhone monitoring on a variety of PC’s and mobile devices, allowing you to check your home or business on-the-go.

HDMI and VGA multiplex monitor outputs
Full HD 1920x1080 provides superior picture performance on a massive scale, with two entire megapixels of resolution allocated to monitor display. HDMI and VGA digital outputs render stunning images from any resolution, and enhance motion reproduction to deliver smoother and crisper looking video.

Powerful search with Smart function
Based on a ‘Smart Search’ review of recorded video to identify motion in area(s) of interest, users can quickly isolate and play back relevant video for efficient review of significant activities.


About EverFocus Electronics Corp.

EverFocus Electronics Corp. established in 1995, is a leading integrated security solution-based provider. Products and solutions include vehicle surveillance and fleet management, IP and HD analogue, as well as access control system. Our Headquarter is located in Taiwan, with fully-function subsidiaries located in the U.S.A, China and Japan.
EverFocus offers quality products, superior technical support, project design consultation, a certified dealer program, educational training and much more to meet the demands of our customers worldwide. We believe the key component to success lies in the development and quality of our products and excellent customer service.


EverFocus headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan, and has several branches around the world including China, Germany, Japan, UK, India and the U.S.A. In order to fulfill the different demands from worldwide customers, EverFocus provides consultation, design, production, and certification information. We believe that development and quality of our products as well as a reliable customer service hotline are key components success in any company. The EverFocus product line includes network cameras, network video recorders, CCD cameras, digital video recorders, electronic access control panels and readers, video processors, and other CCTV and access control peripherals. Our products are produced in our manufacturing plants under strict quality control. EverFocus meets the international requirements of world class manufacturing standards.

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