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3D Creator
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:3D1
Trans Electric Inc.
award 3

3D Creator incorporates HDMI® technology
Turn Your 2D Movies Collection to 3D in Real Time
Convert Real Time TV Programs to 3D
Work with 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV, and 3D DLP Projector
◎ 2D to 3D real-time conversion
◎ Support 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV, and 3D DLP Projector
◎ Support 3D Ready DLP Projector
◎ 3D format Outputs: Red/Cyan, Side-By-Side (Half), Frame
Sequential, 2D and 3D by pass
◎ HDCP compliant
◎ Plug-and-Play Installation
◎ HDMI high-definition connection (Gold plated)
◎ IR remote control
◎ 3D effect level adjustment


About Trans Electric Inc.

Over 48 year experience R&D and manufacturing in Multimedia Accessories, Consumer Electronics and professional CATV products. Headquarter Office and Plant in Changhua, Taiwan; Branch Plant in Shenzhen, China, both ISO 9001 and IECQ 80000 certified. We manufacture: Full-HD Wireless system, HDTV Accessories, Digital Antenna, PC Peripherals, Bluetooth, Consumer Electronics, CATV Equipments


Brand PX (Picture eXcellent abbreviation), which means "the best picture quality." 1968, PX set up in Changhua Huatang, in 1972 began producing antenna, strong waves, a "first brand cable, a TV where there Chase" became the slogan of the target. In 2002 for the first time in transition, change the past, with a strong filter-based, professional emphasis Cable System (CATV) business direction, in 2008 Taiwan’s high-definition channel launch also produced Taiwan’s first high-definition digital HDTV receiver. Transition again in 2013, with "wisdom AV integration expert" vows, towards wisdom handheld devices and home audio and video equipment in series first brand integration efforts. Philosophy emphasizes "customer favor, enthusiastic colleagues, business liking" to create greater value for customers worldwide, practice "to make the world a better place." Vision.