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Dual Wireless N Gigabit Media Router
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:NBG5715
Zyxel Communications Corporation
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High-Speed Wireless Solution with Modern Design for Digital Homes
To realize a life with digital enjoyments, a high-performance wireless router is the best central hub for home networks. Featuring the 802.11n technology with wireless data transfer rates of up to 450Mbps, 8 times faster than the previous 802.11g, and Gigabit Ethernet ports, ZyXEL's NBG5715 Dual Wireless N Gigabit Media Router provides the ultimate solution for reliable wireless connections for high-speed data delivery. With three detachable external antennas, it eliminates dead zones and adds 5 times more coverage with 802.11n technology that is perfect for the heavy-duty multimedia streaming tasks.

To address user needs for integrating the routers into home decoration, ZyXEL gives the NBG5715 a modern look with rhythmical streamline on the black exterior to deliver the high-tech brand image. In fact, ZyXEL products are all designed to fit the overall home décor with flexible and convenient wall-mount or freestanding installations for digital homes.

Friendly User Interface and Window 7 Compatibility
Through the friendly interface, users can easily set up NBG5715 without difficulty. Moreover, the Window 7 compatibility allows users to quickly link to other Window 7-compatible networking devices. Through the easy-to-use user interface developed by ZyXEL, users can check the link status of all networking devices on the home network from the Home Network Map shown on the user interface. If it detects any disconnected network or unrecognized networking devices linking to the NBG5715, users can easily be notified by the change of icon colors or alerts on the Home Network Map.

User interfaces of most routers on the market emphasize on functionalities more than convenience, which hold users back from the complicated terminologies and setup steps. In order to address this, the NBG5715 user interface is designed according to the result of product usability surveys, which consolidates all high-priority and frequently used router functions to meet customer needs. There are two operation modes — Easy mode and Expert mode — for different user segments. All handy and common setup functions are consolidated in the Easy mode, so users can quickly configure basic functions like bandwidth management, power management and network security. For advanced users, the Expert mode provides the easy-to-navigate interface for more detailed setup options.

3G/3.5G Wireless Technology Enhances High-Speed Networks
Since most routers on the market support only wired ADSL, users are not allowed to enjoy or share the Internet access via high-speed wireless connection outside their homes. As more and more people now use 3G/3.5G USB dongles for mobile Internet access, ZyXEL integrates USB ports into the NBG5715 to support the growing demands. Telecommuters or business travelers work remotely from office or home can enjoy Internet connection anywhere with cellular signal coverage: just plug the 3G/3.5G USB dongles into the NBG5715, there's no need for wired network deployment; users can then easily turn the 3G/3.5G wireless connection into the high-speed Wi-Fi connections for multiple PCs and laptops to share the Internet access at the same time.

Virtual Hub to Share the Network Resource
As the leader of home networking market, ZyXEL's NBG5715 not only provides high-speed wireless connection, but also a virtual hub to share network resources to every device on the home network. In many cases, the desktop PCs, printers, scanners and other devices may have been placed in different rooms at home, and users can't share these networkable devices efficiently due to the environment limitation. To build a boundless home network environment without deploying new wires, users can take advantage of the "USB over IP" technology in NBG5715 to establish a virtual hub to share the network resources. Just plug the USB printers or scanners into the NBG5715's USB port, all PC or laptops connected to the wireless network can access the printers or scanners in any room without complicated wire deployment.

Dual-mode Wireless Band for High-quality, Low-interference Networking Environments
In addition to the above features, the NBG5715 integrates the dual-mode wireless technology that enables switching between 2.4GHz and 5G frequency ranges. Currently, most wireless PCs and mobile devices use the 2.4GHz band shared with many home electronics such as microwave ovens, wireless phones and microphones. To avoid possible interference, users can choose the 5GHz frequency range for stable data streaming of high-definition multimedia contents.

QoS Upgrades User Experience of Multimedia Applications
The QoS (Quality of Service) technology enables you to enjoy better performance of bandwidth-sensitive network applications such as VoIP, online gaming, video streaming and P2P sharing. The feature can be seen as an automatic traffic classifier that gives users the power to prioritize tasks or allocate specific bandwidths to designated applications.

Green IT with Intelligent Power Management
With an intelligent power management mechanism built-in, the NBG5715 not only helps users to save energy, but also secures networks more efficiently. Through with wireless scheduling feature, the NBG5715 can be configured to turn itself off according to your wireless usage pattern. This saves unnecessary power consumption and reduces radiation when wireless connection is not in use. Users can easily set up its wireless usage schedule under Easy Mode to save on power bills while securing the network when wireless connection is not needed.


About Zyxel Communications Corporation

Focused on innovation and customer-centric technology and service, Zyxel has been connecting people to the Internet for over 30 years. Our ability to adapt and innovate with networking technology places us at the forefront of the drive to create connectivity for telcos and service providers as well as businesses and home users.
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For nearly 30 years, Zyxel Communications has earned a reputation for innovative products that “make the world connect.” In 2016, Zyxel announced the launch of a global rebranding campaign “Your Networking Ally.” Now Zyxel is looking ahead to build networks that help people achieve their goals and change the world for the better. By identifying as “Your Networking Ally,” Zyxel highlights its core competence and the close relationship it shares with customers. People and organizations need a partner who understands their struggles and provides solutions that help them meet these challenges. Zyxel is that ally to stand side-by-side with our customers, helping them achieve their goals — unlocking their potential.

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