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3G Femtocell
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:HCC-310
Zyxel Communications Corporation
award 3

Providing high-quality 3G signal coverage and high return on investment – ZyXEL HCC-310 is the best 3G Femtocell station

ZyXEL HCC-310 3G Femtocell station is designed for mobile operators to improve 3G signal coverage and provide 3G broadband Internet access to residential subscribers. It is the best household product for FMC (fixed and mobile network convergence) services. Market research institutes pointed out that there will be more than 100 million 3G Femtocell subscribers by 2013, which is an important driving factor that 3G Femtocell can support most existing or future 3G mobile phones. From the telecom service point of view, the product has three innovative values:

(1) Enhancing the indoor 3G signal reception quality, providing the best auto band detection at the lowest deployment cost: Regions of the poorest 3G signal reception are usually sparsely populated residential area due to the insufficient deployment of 3G Macrocell stations; or some metropolitan area households with 3G signals blocked by large nearby buildings. Hindered by the high cost of 3G Macrocell base stations and fixed-line backhaul, mobile operators had no choice but slow improvement plans for areas with poor 3G signal reception. The ZyXEL HCC-310 Femtocell station is the best and most cost-effective solution that helps mobile operators to speed up the 3G signal improvement plan in order to maintain subscriber loyalty and win new subscribers. The ZyXEL HCC-310 has automatic frequency scanning capability built-in and it also optimizes configuration automatically to avoid interference from adjacent 3G Femtocell stations. (2) It also reduces loading of 3G macrocell stations and provides full-speed 3G data network services to improve subscriber satisfaction:

In general, 3G data services occupy 6 to 8 times of bandwidth than 3G voice services, but the monthly revenue is almost the same between 3G data and voice services.

Since 3G voice is the major revenue source for mobile operators, more 3G data subscribers could offset the revenue from 3G voice services. However, 3G data service is the future trend that leads operators to offer this service to keep existing subscribers content.
That’s why mobile operators are not too aggressive on providing 3G data services. In this scenario, the ZyXEL HCC-310 3G Femtocell stations once again become a reliever to operators: it provides an alternative 3G data network through a business or home DSL network to provide full-speed 3G broadband Internet access, without taking up the valuable bandwidth of 3G macrocell station. (3) Timely integration of emerging international standards strengthens the HCC-310 as a leading carrier-class product, while subscribers are most delighted to enjoy “full-speed 3G services” from mobile operators: HCC-310 complies with 3GPP Release 6, TR069/TR196 international standards and is tailor-made for mobile operators to provide 3G telecom management functions for business integration. It also features automatic installation services and HCC-310 remote management. Maintained by a service platform, feature enhancement or new firmware updates available for HCC-310 installation will be automatically updated on the 3G femtocell station at each subscriber site.

ZyXEL HCC-310 Femtocell station is the best product
to activate next-generation 3G broadband applications

From the 3G broadband application perspective, the HCC-310 has four innovative values: (1) Supports location-based SMS notification service (LBS) - exhorting and alerting services: HCC-310 supports the LBS SMS notification service and can support exhorting and alerting LBS services.

Exhorting LBS service automatically detect pre-configured group members to see if they are in the HCC-310 service zone. For example, children arriving at home can be detected by the HCC-310 immediately, and it sends SMS messages to remind parents that their children are safe at home. Then parents can send back a exhorting SMS message to remind their children to do homework or something appropriate.

In the same way, non-group members or intruders are easily detected by HCC-310 immediately, and it sends alert SMS messages to group members for further security actions.

(2) Offering free or special discount 3G video phone services to group members: Generally speaking, the cost of 3G video phone services are not low, but many European and US mobile operators are still offering special discounts or even free charge for 3G video phone services to 3G femtocell subscribers. It is a way to appreciate their contributions to reducing 3G operating costs for mobile operators. The HCC-310 supports peer-to-peer 3G video phone service to minimize the 3G macrocell loading of mobile operators.
(3) The HCC-310 is very energy efficient with power consumption less than 9 watts: The HCC-310 employs a low-power "green" design and uses an advanced non-fan thermal enclosure to consume 25% to up to 50% less power than competitors in its class. (4) Automatic update for Internet applications on arrival: HCC-310 supports automated Internet application update as any 3G group member returning home is detected. It supports Internet applications on 3G mobile handsets, such as FaceBook, Flickr, YouTube and many Podcast applications.


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