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GPON Wireless 11n IAD
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:P-3202HN-BA
Zyxel Communications Corporation
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Providing All-Services IAD (Integrated Access Device) to telecom operators – ZyXEL P-3202HN-Ba is the best GPON IAD product

With just a single-mode fiber deployed, telecom operators can now offer its subscribers with 20km long fiber-optic access, multi-services or multimedia telecom services including IP television (IPTV), analog TV (RF TV), SIP VoIP, 3G femtocell station and wired/wireless Internet or Intranet broadband network access, etc. From the telecom service perspective, the ZyXEL P-3202HN GPON IAD product provides three major innovative values: (1) Energy-saving and fiber-saving passive optical fiber technology: As a key component located between optical fiber central office equipments and terminal equipments, optic splitters don't need power supply; moreover, it also saves a considerable amount of fibers in fiber-optic networks, thanks to the great advantage of its one-to-many capability. For example, a 1-to-32 optical splitter from the central office to the optical splitter set needs only 15 km of fiber, which is up to 465 kilometers less than the 1-to-1 deployment. (2) Providing an all-services platform to enable converged broadband services for subscribers to enjoy bundled applications at discounted prices and a unified service window: It is a trend that future telecom services will be provided by a single operator. Take Orange France, Telefonica Spain and more Western European telecom operators as examples, they are already providing "All Services" to subscribers, with which subscribers can select the broadband Internet access and IP TV services simultaneously and receive a 10% discount, and they are entitled to an additional 15% off if additional SIP VoIP or 3G service bundle is chosen. Subscribers can enjoy first-class after-sale services from a single telecom operator, which would be a huge improvement comparing to traditional "it's not our fault" attitude from several operators. (3) Timely integration of emerging international standards strengthens the P-3202HN as a leading carrier-class product, while subscribers are most delighted to enjoy "All Services" from telecom operators:
ZyXEL P-3202HN GPON IAD is not only compliant with the OMCI international standard to ensure interoperability and manageability with GPON IAD products, but is also compliant with the TR069/TR104 international standard and cab be tailor-made for telecom operators to provide carriers with automated management capabilities in installation and maintenance services.

Made available for GPON IAD installation and maintenance by a service platform, feature enhancements and new features of the new firmware can be automatically updated on the GPON IAD at each subscriber site. Built with the leading next-generation Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) technology, it is capable of governing and protecting "All-Services" on GPON networks to enhance service quality and bandwidth utilization efficiency.

The best GPON IAD product for creating the next-generation digital home with ultra high-speed networking

From the next-generation home networking perspective, there are four innovative values of ZyXEL P-3202HN GPON IAD:
(1) One-step to get five "worry-free" years: P-3202HN has four built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) 802.11n with transmission rates of up to 300Mbps. The combination of Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n will meet home networking bandwidth requirement within the next five years and will be sufficient for emerging digital home services.
(2) Instant upgrading to home network server or digital media adapter performance to save valuable time:
Imagine the amazing things:
A DVD movie can be uploaded or downloaded from the home network server in 36 seconds on a Gigabit home network, and digital media adapter (without built-in hard disk) can now play high-quality streaming audio and video smoothly on TV via seamless connection with home server on Gigabit home network.
(3) Excellent wireless LAN coverage and improved signal loss resilience:
The ZyXEL P-3202HN GPON IAD adopts a dual-input and dual-output antenna design. Comparing to current single-input and single-output design, the dual-input and dual-output design can provide better signal coverage and improved signal loss resilience. It also allows plug-and-connect for any network appliance with 802.11n built-in.
(4) Built-in one-touch energy-saving control or instant establishment of a secure wireless LAN:

The product has a WPS control button built-in; it turns off the wireless module with a long press. A simultaneous short press on the WPS button of both P-3202HN and the wireless client automatically establishes a secure connection between the two to avoid the complicated traditional setup process.


About Zyxel Communications Corporation

Focused on innovation and customer-centric technology and service, Zyxel has been connecting people to the Internet for over 30 years. Our ability to adapt and innovate with networking technology places us at the forefront of the drive to create connectivity for telcos and service providers as well as businesses and home users.
Zyxel is a global force in the communications market with an unrivalled international presence that includes:
- 150 markets served
- 1,500 passionate associates
- 1,000,000 businesses working smarter with Zyxel solutions
- 100 million devices creating global connections
Today, Zyxel is building the networks of tomorrow, unlocking potential, and meeting the needs of the modern workplace – powering people at work, life, and play. Zyxel, Your Networking Ally.


For nearly 30 years, Zyxel Communications has earned a reputation for innovative products that “make the world connect.” In 2016, Zyxel announced the launch of a global rebranding campaign “Your Networking Ally.” Now Zyxel is looking ahead to build networks that help people achieve their goals and change the world for the better. By identifying as “Your Networking Ally,” Zyxel highlights its core competence and the close relationship it shares with customers. People and organizations need a partner who understands their struggles and provides solutions that help them meet these challenges. Zyxel is that ally to stand side-by-side with our customers, helping them achieve their goals — unlocking their potential.

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