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ICON OLED Display Module
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:WWOLEDDEMOBOX-04#
WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.) The 1st company to deliver ICON OLED display in the market. The key advantages are -

? Faster response time "At +25 ℃ 10 μ sec."
? Unlimited viewing angle "Up to 175 degree"
? Thin - No need of backlight, self emitting
? High Brightness - 500 ~ 2000 cd/m2
? High contrast ratio "Up to 2000:1"
? Wide Operation Temperature "-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃"
? Lower power consumption - save 2.4kg CO2 emissions per year at least.
? Lifetime: 100 K / hours for third party certificate
? Sunlight Readable Technology Option
? Transparent (see through) technology, up to 40 ~ 50%
? Low reflective technology at outdoor environment
? Temperature compensation technology on OLED display
? Safety response layout for stable current construction

2.) Panel manufacturing process: Spectrum control and particle interface control technology.

3.) Module circuit layout and IC: 100% own designed by us.

4.) Winstar ICON OLED is green display as this technology is with lower power consumptions than conventional OLED graphic type.

5.) Winstar ICON OLED is sunlight readable and featured even brightness and contrast technology.

6.) Worldwide patent patented or patent pending.

7.) Marketing:
? Consuming Use:
Hi-End Audio/Automotive/Home and public Telephone/Instrument
Watch, Clock/Touch Pad/PDA, MP3/ Printer Monitor

? Industrial Use:
Energy Meter/Medical Equipment/Automation/UPS/White Goods/Auto Controls / Instruments/Telecommunication


About WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Winstar Display Co. has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality products including monochrome STN, TFT and OLED displays. Winstar has become one of the leading display manufacturing companies in the field of small & medium sized displays and its continuous innovating allowed it to secure several global patents. With more than 21 years experience, Winstar became remarkably proficient in complicated order handling, especially on LVHM (low volume high mix) operation business model. We provide products and services with high price-performance as well as the logistics support to deliver products and services competitively. We are aware of the OLED display is the main trend for the smart home device, wearable device, IoT system and industrial equipment, etc. It is market trend to upgrade monochrome STN LCD to OLED display. We invented OLED manufacturing Fab in 2007, and we already become a leading company of PMOLED display worldwide.


Winstar, a winner company. Just like the vision of the Winstar Display founders, the goal is to make the company as a leader of the display market of small and medium size for industrial applications. The logo of the Winstar Display is symbolize with a five red stars which is referred to five founders’ to work closely together in the display market and position itself as a winner with enthusiastic attitude.

Nothing happened by itself. Nothing happened by accident. What really make Winstar Display different are people. We believe the synergy coming from motivated people together with the commitment of staying at the forefront of the display technology and the confidence of customers makes Winstar a winner company, just like the logo’s symbol. Our mission is being a sustainable corporation to the society and environment by using technology to make contributions to humanity and fulfill the corporate social responsibility.