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High-speed Air Turbine Dental Handpiece
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:TTBIO Tiger 201T/M
award 3

1. Innovation on RD: Successfully utilize FEM to analyze chuck construction & dynamic sense, and subsequently increase chucking force, prolong bearing life and reduce voice level.

2. Colored Identification Ring: It’s exclusively designed by Thunder Tiger. and easy to strip from the handpieces and has different colors according to users’ preference, which helps dentist to identify his/her handpieces afer high pressure sterilization.

3. 15℃ Oblique Angle Design: Traditionally the shape of a handpiece is too slim to hold. We overcome the problem by making 15℃ oblique angle. Coupled with light weight, dentists could hold hanpieces for longer time without feeling tired and hand muscles are totally released. The integral shape and simplified appearance makes it the best among competitors.

4. After Sales Service Center: With standardized repair processes and alliance with Takkyubin company, it provides test figures on voice level, rotation speed…etc which allows dentists improve working efficiency by fully understanding handpiece performance. Rotors are automatic balance calibrated, which ensures bearing lifetime and reduces voice level.

5. Distribution: Strategic alliance with W&H obtains existing distribution channels and enhances product range flexibility. The image of Chinese OBM product, well-established service center and standardized price strategy will help us obtain strategic advantages.



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