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SNG Web Studio
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:SNGCOM-2006(軟體)/CMX-07(硬體)
Aurotek Corporation
award 3

1. SNG Web Studio includes 6 major systems: learning management system, digital course content management system, digital course production system, digital course webcast system (LIVE & VOD), testing system, and digital video special effect host. (A Complete E-learning Solution) 2. SNG Web Studio platform provides a learning management platform for the interaction among instructors, students, and administrators, such as new course information, login management, learning records, course management, discussion board, and more. 3. SNG Web-Studio allows on-line presentations with the integrations of streaming video, audio and presentation file (Microsoft PowerPoint R). With this technology, it generates to a form which students can watch on-line at anytime and anywhere. 4. Depends on the nature of the on-line course, SNG Web-Studio provides four different broadcast formats to choose from: video only, video with PowerPoint, Q&A interaction and screen capture only. Fully satisfies the enterprise in any kind of teaching situation. 5. SNG Web-Studio allows web casting of live and VOD programs to the Internet via the World Wide Web transmission method of “Unicasting”. 6. SNG Web-Studio also provide video editing tool when it is needed, such as inserting, modifying or deleting in front of, at the end of, or in between the film. In addition, it can also generate and burn into CD. 7. SNG Web-Studio utilizes the “Program Wizard” in the system that allows users to set up the web-broadcasting job in step by step fashion, yet very fast and easy. Even non IT background can easily accompolish without any problem. 8. The system console provides various video effects to live-fed the internet programs. Just sliding, or pushing the buttons and joystick on the console, the system users can do such as image switching, audio mixing, and making multiple video screens like a TV-Studio production. 9. The system can import and upload course files and manage course content. Programs can be classified by categories and subjects, and has file searching capability as well. 10. While watching the VOD programs, the viewers can choose a specific video clip from the table of indexing in order to watch both the video content and the corresponding PowerPointR presentations. 11. The system users can insert messages while doing live broadcasting programs, and live-fed the messages to the broadcasting template. 12. The ability to supervise the employees their learning record by setting different level of authorization. 13. In order to confirm student's study effect, SNG Web-Studio provide examination system. Three types of questions are: True/False, single-choice, and multiple-choice. The system can automatically set the topic of a composition, automatically change the topic, and can also produce final report in any form. 14. The biggest advantage of SNG Web-Studio are recording, editing, live broadcasting, learning, managing, all at the same time.


About Aurotek Corporation

Established in 1980, Aurotek has been upholding the belief of honesty and making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From distributing mechanical transmission, driving components to self-developed automation devices, we have now established our own brand; Aurotek continues solving customers’ needs. With Aurotek’s automation and robotics technology, we have always enriched and satisfied various customers’ need.


In the 1980s, Aurotek start up from distributing high quality product such as mechanical transmission, driving components from Japan.
With Aurotek’s power of product development, we successfully turn in to equipment manufacturing field from distributing components and modules design.
We uphold a belief of honesty, making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From different aspects, we provide a complete automation solution. And the nanoimprint technology, a newly successful development, is our first step of turnkey project and will utilize these experiences to other industries.
For decades, Aurotek uphold the mission of providing a complete automation solution to optimize the value of end users and working to be the leading system equipment provider. We will be able to fulfill our brand vision of by using the critical thinking & visionary strategy to accomplish better innovation and life.

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