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handheld portable scanner
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:MobiScan
award 3

The brand new portable scanner MobiScan weights only 223g and can be operated with a single hand. MobiScan is the first two roller system design and also first to support smart devices and micro SD. Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, you do not need to carry a heavy power adapter and hunt for an electric outlet anymore! Since no computer is required to start a scan, you can carry it to anywhere, anytime! Whenever on the road, on a plane, a car, or a café, you can digitize almost everything right away! Whether standing or sitting, you can complete your scan by simply gliding it over a surface.
Even the posters on the wall can be easily digitized! In addition, an over-speed alert is provided to let you control your scanning speed to ensure the best image quality!

Through the mini USB port, the scanned documents, can be easily transferred to iPad .

Presto! PageManager lets users easily share network resources, as well as manage photos and files. It can assist users to transfer a pile of documents into ordered PDF files, and view, compile, search, deliver and copy them in various formats. With this software, users can directly print and fax documents through simple drag-and-drop, not only effectively assisting enterprises to manage business information, but also
improving the efficiency of the working staff.



Founded in April 1991 by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products.


Avision is an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of scanners and multi-function peripherals.

The Chinese name means "rainbow light", which is a reflection of our unbridled enthusiasm for illumination. Our belief in empowering people is the driving force behind what we do, and inspires us to continuous innovations in simplifying tasks and promoting knowledge sharing.

This foundational philosophy has led us to rethink our core scanner business and resulted in the introduction of acclaimed multi-function network scanners. In 2011, we also introduced MiWand, the intelligent mobile scanner. We are pleased that Avision products have won not only the Taiwan Excellence Prize, but also the distinguished German Red Dot Design Award, both in 2012.

These accolades have reaffirmed our commitment to the mission of improving the experiences and lives of people through innovative products.