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TREK-722 RISC All-in-one Mobile Data Terminal
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:TREK-722
Advantech Co., Ltd.
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TREK-722 is a 5 inch all-in-one Mobile Data Terminal. Designed to resist harsh environments, this fleet management solution is especially suited for light trucks, local deliveries, and government fleets. We started with the industrial-grade ARM-based Cortex processor, TI AM3703; it has the capacity and reliability necessary for the kernel integrating operating system and vehicle peripherals. Then we enhanced the heat dissipation, not only with an exterior extruded heatsink, but we also reorganized interior thermal dissipation.
TREK-722 helps manage moving fleet assets. With built-in GPS, CDMA/GPRS/HSPA+, it keeps drivers and dispatchers in close communication. And depending on sensor outfitting, TREK-722 can track everything from mileage, routing, speed, acceleration, braking, oil pressure, and fuel consumption. An important additional function is the logging of driver duty and rest hours to help maintain compliance with safety and hours-of-service regulations. TREK-722 can be mated with a software solution that takes virtually all the drudgery out of tedious logging and tracking, enabling well-informed management for even the most complex fleet operations.
TREK-722 is built tough. It meets EN 60721-3-5 and military standards for vibration and shock. It is designed to operate flawlessly in transient power conditions. It supports 12V/24V car power systems, operating from 6 ~ 36V, and it is compliant with ISO7637-2 and SAE J1113. With power-on/power-off delay features which are software configurable, TREK holds its own in unstable power conditions. And TREK-722 can operate in the wide temperature found in vehicle environments, at a range from -20°C ~ 60°C.
When the driver is out of the vehicle or off the duty, a fleet owner doesn't normally have access to the status of fleet assets and vehicles. But, with suspend/wakeup feature of TREK-722, 24/7 monitoring mechanisms are supported via periodic, digital input or WWAN wakeup.


About Advantech Co., Ltd.

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