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BACnet Building Energy Saving Management Automation Control System
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:BACems
award 3

Function to meet green energy, mobile surveillance, and open protocol BACnet standard are our focus to design this product. It is for energy saving and building automation market. User can see energy consumption of the system by its daily, monthly and yearly chart and its trend logs. It provides key information of BEMS and information for LEED rating.
Easy to create web pages is a benefit of this product. User does not have to learn a web page edit skill or a special programming language to make web pages for this device. Its web pages can be uploaded to the device from anywhere that the device is accessible. User control and setting on these web pages through a PC, a tablet computer, or an internet accessible cellular phone. There is no any special pre setting required for web page access of this device because this device use general JavaScript (AJAX) technology. Beside its easy access, its Linux core provides extremely secured password control to protect the system.
This product is a reliable monitoring system. Each device monitors its assigned I/O signals and send alarm message to the assigned device to perform the safety process. Email alarm is available as well. This is different to a traditional control system which everything controlled by the software in a PC.
Each controller has a standalone microcomputer. It control facilities by using its own program and they can communicate with each other in the network without a PC. It will improve the communication efficiency and benefits the expansion of a system in the future. In a traditional system, malfunction of some devices may cause the whole system to shut down. It will not happen in this BACems product. This product is CE and FCC listed. It provides safety for the user and facility.
The BACnet open protocol utilized in these devices makes system integration with any BTL listed product possible. It provides an easy way to expand a system and a reliable network communication.



AIRTEK has over twenty years of experience in the research and production of building automatic control systems. Our research department creates our own controllers for a building automation system. These products are not only sold in Taiwan, but also export to other countries. We expand the world market by actively expanding business in Asia pacific, North America, and Europe through the development of regional dealers and distributors.
AIRTEK utilizes industrial standards such as TCP/IP and BACnet (ANSI/ASHRAE STANDARD 135-1995) to develop system products. It is convenient for user to integrate automatic systems and equipment from different producers and make the sharing of data and mutual operation between different building systems possible. The strong compatibility and superior interchangeability of the AIRTEK products save the users costly system upgrading expense so that their investments are well protected.