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Toric Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:帝康散光
award 3

Astigmatism happens when corneal is not curved properly, it is an optical defect in which vision is blurred due to the inability of the optics of the eye to focus a point object into a sharp focused image on the retina. This may be due to an irregular or toric curvature of the cornea or lens present at birth - but can develop after an eye operation, inflammation or an injury to the eye or even improper eye rubbing and reading position.
Soft contact lens is being widely used as a tool for astigmatism correction. A recent global eye prescription survey reveals that there are 22% of the patients wearing toric contact lens as a mean to correct vision quality
Ticon’s Toric Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens is being designed to provide better visual acuity for Astigmatic patents with its exclusive crescent slab-off dynamic design. This special design can alleviate the problem of insufficient tear circulation and it also provide UV protection for the eyes.
4 main features for the product.
1. Patented dynamic design: Unique crescent slab-off design, dynamic stabilization when eyes blink.
2. Double Aspherical lens design: Double Aspheric design helps to reduce accommodation burden for crystalline lens as the lens itself provides sharp and precise focal points for near and far vision. It reduces the aberration errors for visual crispness.
3. Exclusive Hyaluronic Acid formula: This formula enhances the water retention for the lens and also provide more moist and lubrication to the eyes. It alleviates the dryness that caused by extensive wearing time. Lubrication also makes it easy when wearing and removing of the lens. Providing freshness to the eyes.
4. UV protection: UV light is harmful not only to the skin, but also to the eyes. Extensive exposure to the UV lights, it may cause cataract. Ticon’s lens with UV protection can reduce the risk associated with UV lights.



St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. is an experienced contact lens manufacturer offering a wide variety of products for domestic and international markets with innovative technology and design. From conventional lathe-cut to cast-molding, from RGP to soft contact lens, from daily to frequent replacement disposable products.
The company was founded in 1986, who have years of experience and knowledge in the contact lens industry, which includes contact lens fitting, optical designing, manufacturing, and marketing.
Over the following decade, St.Shine became the largest supplier of contact lenses in Taiwan based on high performance products for myopic and hyperopic patients together with patented lenses for the effective correction of astigmatism.


"帝康" brand is named from health and English meanings. "帝" is Saint, it means that our achieviement is the top level. "康" is con, it jast two meanings. One is health and another is homonymic of "con"tact lens.