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Diamond Hard Chain
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:Deca-101(UL)
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“Deca” as the name implies, Deca-101(UL), is especially for top-end 10-speed bike derailleur systems. Its elegant design provides excellent slick positive function but ensures every light weight link has superior strength, durability and a high safety standard.

TAYA latest unique DHT technology increases the surface hardness of Deca-101(UL) hollow pins, which greatly improves the chain durability and therefore by definition lengthens in chain life. Combined with Taya’s professional experience and technology in design, Deca-101(UL) is guaranteed not only meet international standards, but the rigorous requirement of the riders pursuing their ultimate goal.

Product side:
1.TAYA’s unique innovation of DHT (Diamond Hard Technology), it enhances the surface hardness 3-times higher to over HV1500, that greatly extends chain life.
2.Ultimate-Light concept is fulfilled in the design of outer plate, inner plate, and hollow pin as well.
3.Ti-Gold Finish: Ti-Gold color is preferred by sophisticated users.
4.Sub-punched Pin shape: The perfectly formed pin is designed to overlap the side plate hole, and making the chain more durable and longer lasting.
5.Inner-Inclined Bridge (IIB) shape: IIB technology creates max. space between the chain plates and helps the compatibility between chain and gears resulting in quiet, smooth and quick shifting performance.

Marketing side:
1.TAYA “DHT” presents a solution to the elongation problem, its anti-wear properties keeps pace with world-renowned brands.
2.Hollow components reduce weight by 6% plus Taya patents of “Sub-punched pin” & “IIB” designs, Deca-101(UL)’s outstanding performance exceeds ISO standard.
3.Elegant Ti-Gold finish and engraved typeface surrounding plates increase the subtle aesthetics, appealing to serious riders with good-taste in the markets.
4.Elegant package design targeting sophisticated consumers means image of chain doesn’t only need to be strong, but can be also pleasing to the eye. This package design won the prestigious Taiwan “2010 Golden Pin Design Award”.



TAYA Chain is a dedicated chain brand with a variety of bike chains and motorcycle chains. With leading tech and green awareness, chains are available worldwide. From the production line to quality assurance, we have invested 16 million US dollars in research and development in the last decade.
With more than 100 patented product designs worldwide and GST anti-rust treatment, we’re confident in bringing the manufacturing process to the auto industry level for high-end bike parts and components.


1 Min Overview about TAYA Chain: A. 2nd Taiwan Excellence High Quality Product Award. Since 1969, TAYA is the most long-standing bicycle chain brand in Taiwan. B. The world’s first anti-rust chain made with zero toxic metal debuted in 2006, winning iF design Eurobike Award and raising green awareness to public. C. GM Motor R QA certificated high-end surface treatment division, these unique tech are not only on bike chains but on crucial bike parts. D.「Adventure X Enjoy Life」is our brand spirit, encouraging people to embrace the beauty of cycling.