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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:SV-2
award 3

Product aspect
For the raw material used in the SV-2, in response to the snowy weather and the "mixed rain and snow" in central and southern Europe while keeping the same driving performance on dry ground as it should have, NANKANG Tire started to develop proprietary rubber with the addition of more Silica to improve the rubber’s hardness by increasing its toughness by 30%.The SV-2 has been sent for actual vehicle field tests in Japan for various snow field tests, such as tracking force, which must meet the strict winter tire application criteria (tracking index above 115%) of U.S. RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) where a 117% tracking index was obtained. It ensures drivers that the handling and safety while driving on snowy ground and in snowy weather. The SV-2 was adopted in the 3D CATIA drawing and simulated the tire ground contacting area, deformation, draining water and snow, etc. during both loading and its performance on dry/wet ground. The lightweight coefficient in the design of the SV-2 comes with a cost reduction of up to 6.68%, further effectively reducing the fuel consumption to comply with the global trend of saving energy & reducing carbon. Furthermore, by utilizing a High RC (Rim Cuchion) structure to improve sidewall stiffiness with real vehicle road tests to cope with general tires.
Marketing aspect
The SV-2 is the winter tire that was proprietarily developed for the European market; therefore, the marketing strategy included putting ads in magazines and sponsoring the 2010 Hungarian Snow Rally, which successfully increased sales by 80% in 2010.
As for product deployment in the European region, a certain percentage of the annual revenue in the European region is budgeted to assist dealers in the region to establish the NANKANG Tire shop sign, to offer direct access to consumers through the store’s brand awareness of NANKANG..



We are proud of the sturdiness and durability of our tires, yet we still never cease to pursue excellence in both our R&D and manufacturing processes.
Nankang Rubber Tire has the heritage of longest history among tire brands in Taiwan. For 50 years, we persist in following our corporate motto of "Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation" in creating performance and growth. To cope with the increasingly discerning market demands, we strive aggressively towards our goals of “product innovation with R&D, differentiation from competition, product quality upgrading, customer satisfaction, after-sale service and professional management”, in order to offer more and more innovative safety products to all car drivers.


Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. LTD. is the first tire manufacturer in Taiwan; has more than a century experience on making tires since 1959. Nankang used to join venture with YOKOHAMA and always keeps working effort on developing tire technology and quality. Keeping pace with world top benchmark, Nankang tires are sold popular in more than 180 countries by producing stable excellent quality products, particularly in EU, Japan, the US and UAE markets. The firm has two plants which locate in Taiwan and China, majorly producing PCR , LTR (4x4) and MCR. Under Nankang operating principle, the company is not selling tires simply, but a safty driving journey.