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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:ROADIAC WF-1
award 3

Product aspect
1. The Roadiac WF-1 adopted Taiwan’s leading Jointless Space Belt Technology, while collaborating with Japanese and European vendors to develop a rubber coating machine that applies a wrap around the entire tire which effectively improves the tire strength, durability and safety, particularly to heavy motorbikes that require more anti-impact and better protection. So far, only the top 5 manufacturers in the world own this technology, and NANKANG is now No.6. We are also the first manufacturer who has successful experience with this technology in Taiwan.
2. The WF-1 tread adopted a 2-section rubber material design with the central portion made of a newly developed high anti-abrasion formula; both sides by formula have strong gripping force so that either anti-abrasion or gripping force can be maintained, which provides customers better durability and safety. Then adopted environmental protective formula meets EU Norms and is safe, environmentally protective and practical.
3. WF-1 has been tested through the German Motorrad and Japanese Autoby accredited labs for safety and functionality; the results showed that the braking performance is superior to competitor A by 10%, handling by 5% and overall assessment equal to the world first class brand B. Also, we have received orders from Japan and Germany, where 4000 tires have been continuously delivered since June 2011. We expect to reach the annual target of 36,000 pcs/year in the near future with the market share up 2-4%.
Marketing aspect
1. Before the Roadiac WF-1 had been put into mass production, it was debuted in the Köln INTERMOT Show for the pre-exposure of Roadiac before its official launch, which successfully arose tremendous market inquiries in Europe..
3. In the strategy of promoting the brand and enhancing NANKANG Heavy Motorbike Tire series products, we intend to design a new LOGO for NANKANG MOTORCYCLE TIRE in order to segregate them from other automobile tires.



We are proud of the sturdiness and durability of our tires, yet we still never cease to pursue excellence in both our R&D and manufacturing processes.
Nankang Rubber Tire has the heritage of longest history among tire brands in Taiwan. For 50 years, we persist in following our corporate motto of "Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation" in creating performance and growth. To cope with the increasingly discerning market demands, we strive aggressively towards our goals of “product innovation with R&D, differentiation from competition, product quality upgrading, customer satisfaction, after-sale service and professional management”, in order to offer more and more innovative safety products to all car drivers.


Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. LTD. is the first tire manufacturer in Taiwan; has more than a century experience on making tires since 1959. Nankang used to join venture with YOKOHAMA and always keeps working effort on developing tire technology and quality. Keeping pace with world top benchmark, Nankang tires are sold popular in more than 180 countries by producing stable excellent quality products, particularly in EU, Japan, the US and UAE markets. The firm has two plants which locate in Taiwan and China, majorly producing PCR , LTR (4x4) and MCR. Under Nankang operating principle, the company is not selling tires simply, but a safty driving journey.