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15" High Performance All-in-One POS Terminal
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:PA-3350
Protech Systems Co., Ltd.
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1. PA-3350 is a high performance POS terminal which support Intel i3-2120 processor with maximum memory up to 4GB DDR3 memory.
2. Combine with 15” true flat touch screen and bezel free design to offer an modern business equipment.
3. PA-3350 is an All-in-One POS terminal to provide full POS function , equipped with embedded customer display、RFID、MSR、i-Button、2 inch or 3 inch thermal printer.
4. Contain SATA interface can be equipped with HDD or SSD to provide large storage capability or high speed data accessing .
5. Provide 5 x USB port and 3 x RS232 COM port to support different accessories.
6. Support high speed network and embedded wireless module to connect the main server for users to collect the sales information.
7. Optional RFID can increase the efficiency of checkout system and also record consumer purchasing behavior for marketing to analysis and come out Marketing Strategy.
8. Support Windows 7/ XP/ XPE and POSReady2009/POSReady 7 operation systems for different users.
9. Certify by CE and FCC to ensure the product safety.


About Protech Systems Co., Ltd.

Protech Systems established in 1980, focus on industrial control manufacturing and design in the beginning period. From 2000, Protech transferred the business to specialize innovative industrial technology products. Successfully to promote automation products, embedded computers, and POS to worldwide and to be leading an important position in IPC industry.
Protech Systems’s operation center is based in Taiwan, all the service stages from R&D, production management, quality control, and sales marketing are provided completed in Protech headquarter and its own factory in Taiwan. To establish vertical integrated service to customers in the world and to arrange branch offices in several foreign countries to provide dedicate supporting for local markets. Committed to research technology innovation development to keep expand continuously Protech’s business in the future. At the meanwhile, being positive to pursue the best quality services and create win-win strategy with customers.


Established in 1980, Protech Systems specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial controls. In 1990, Protech Systems transformed to Personal computer fields. One the occasion of the PC industry flourishing in 2000, Engel Wu, the founder of Protech Systems, determined decided to transit the business to industrial computers fields. Protech Systems represent business ideas into the "honesty, aggressiveness and stable growth" corporate design, guiding the sustainable values. In year 2001, we started to implement the brand strategy, and launched our own brand of "PROX" to global marketing channels. “PROX” combines Protech Systems and X. It shows Protech Systems pursues customer-oriented with professional quality requirement. Also, “X” represents the idea of eXtersion. We believe information industry and industrial computer products are the key components of future technology products which will bring unlimited development for automation life style applications.

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