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ergonomic high speed hand dryer
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:EcoMo
Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.
award 3

EcoMo from FastDry: an ergonomic high speed hand dryer

EcoMo dries your hands like you wash them. The water between your fingers easily dries, and you’ll know when your hands are actually dry.

In a comfortable and natural position, you can effectively dry your hands without water splash-back.

There is a drain tray and an additional water pipe can be connected to the tray, but cleaners shouldn’t need to worry about mopping any overflow from the floor. An innovative absorbent ceramic pad prevents this water overflow, which is especially helpful in high traffic locations.

EcoMo is also a hygienic high speed hand dryer. The addition of Japanese Ag ions provides an effective anti-bacterial, which will last as long as the cover lasts. This Ag ions has received both FDA and SIAA approvals.

Adding Ag ions and a super filter assembly create an anti-bacterial dryer that eliminates over 99% of any present bacteria.

EcoMo also has other unique features:
‧A top half narrow design allows easy cleaning of the unit and the back wall.
‧Dual- color LED lights optimize drying efficiency, and create a pleasant and comfortable user experience
‧Our patented design includes three air outlets, so EcoMo generates more consistent air speed and dries hands more thoroughly.
‧The motor speed is adjustable and EcoMo has an on/ off switch for the heater.

EcoMo, more than you expect!


About Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.

The founding partners of HOKWANG were previously involved in manufacturing Infrared Sensor-Motivated products in Taiwan, giving them more than 20 years experience in this field. We have been developing continuously with modernized Automatic and comfort bathroom sanitary wares equipment. All the necessary equipment for a sanitary washroom you can purchase from us. Keep yourself GERM-FREE with HOKWANG’S TREE-FREE products.


Fastdry creates a comfortable restroom experience and believe that every product is a hero; when your hands approach, you save a tree! We hope our efforts will make every restroom around the world cleaner and greener!