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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:Mirales Ⅰ
Aurotek Corporation
award 3

Our versatile functionality based design encompasses a combination of the two main features of traditional outdoor Venetian blinds, louver angle adjustability and retractability. In addition to features such as solar shading, ambience adjustment, ventilation and privacy, consumers can also enjoy full unobstructed view. In comparison to indoor venetian blinds, this product is made of rigid aluminum alloy material and can provide safety functions such as typhoon protection and anti-theft security. The heat reflecting design and high spec anodized louvers significantly block out sunlight helping to realize benefits of savings, comfort, safety, and quality.
Utilizing quality aesthetic space design and overturning tradition in terms of our knowledge of indoor venetian blinds, we have combined the functions of both indoor venetian blinds and external fixed louvers to create a unique product that provides amenity and safety in addition to beauty and taste.
Our innovative design includes the concept of daily life to create healthy living, home security, energy saving, architectural esthetics, and allow for fulfillment of consumer needs in functional versatility.
The spirit of this product evolves around ecology, energy-saving, and green architecture and uses this concept to provide an environment where users can enjoy natural ventilation and natural light all while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.
Innovation of marketing methods and creation of new marketing channels provide more forms of product promotion allowing for fast contact with target markets and enhanced product sales.


About Aurotek Corporation

Established in 1980, Aurotek has been upholding the belief of honesty and making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From distributing mechanical transmission, driving components to self-developed automation devices, we have now established our own brand; Aurotek continues solving customers’ needs. With Aurotek’s automation and robotics technology, we have always enriched and satisfied various customers’ need.


In the 1980s, Aurotek start up from distributing high quality product such as mechanical transmission, driving components from Japan.
With Aurotek’s power of product development, we successfully turn in to equipment manufacturing field from distributing components and modules design.
We uphold a belief of honesty, making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From different aspects, we provide a complete automation solution. And the nanoimprint technology, a newly successful development, is our first step of turnkey project and will utilize these experiences to other industries.
For decades, Aurotek uphold the mission of providing a complete automation solution to optimize the value of end users and working to be the leading system equipment provider. We will be able to fulfill our brand vision of by using the critical thinking & visionary strategy to accomplish better innovation and life.

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