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2G Roller-Type Retractable Screen
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:RT-01
Taroko Door & Windows Technologies, Inc.
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[Two generations of spools ] the hidden screen window, screen door: It is one that it improves to be originally traditional simple and easy rolling screen screen window, to is it penetrate window and door have space install traditional yarn new-type spool latent yarn product that network design to push. It close at only yarn network prop up it for material tube,more design not having not defending not lifting from, belong to by organization slowly, make the yarn network not de-orbit, open (close) When make by speed yarn,it is if reducing, for roll and not closing by noising of causing not fashionable not to improve, improve feel of products, adaptable many kinds of window frame, and because easy to take in difficult to dip in dust can lengthen service life, replace the regular type screen window of tradition not portable, is suitable for vaster market demand.
Screen window of especially two generations of new-type spools, a special one orientate, belong to slowly everywhere, yarn network is it is it research and develop from project organization it to lift to defend, large area window types, space of the door type products demand be used to make
This product design considers and divides stating as follows:
1.1 to is it penetrate window and have space install traditional yarn design of door of network to push, is it is it is it leave organization to lift to defend to utilize, let the yarn network not de-orbit because of blows or notting; Design and belong to the organization slowly, get out of the way (close) When utilize belong to by organization slowly it make it go back rolls of speed not slow of yarn the networks, improvement will go back one and close the fashionable noise of causing, will promote the feel of the products.
Simplify, maintain convenient dismantling the function quickly in 1.2 installation: It is convenient to clean the usual, needn't remove the whole net window, can pull down the yarn network, the products are opening (close) When,


About Taroko Door & Windows Technologies, Inc.

The clear exhibition science and technology old name for the blue exhibition revertex Limited liability company, projects machine’s revertex by initial period two to project a generation of factory, the transformation has three scale of production manufacture base until now, the distinction manufacturing specialized well ventilated gate, the hideaway type screen window, the window-ventilator and the revertex hardware fitting, becomes the specialized design factory.

Clear exhibition management idea: The good faith, the innovation, the service, continue forever and the clear exhibition staff’s common goal--Creates harmonious, happy, comfortable and the safe life space, innovates the design, the skillful technology and the rigorous quality control, make have both, comfortable, the security, the environmental protection ideal windows and doors brand - happy room green to be able healthily (HISS)


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