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Auto Door-Closer Hinge
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:K51M
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To be better than the last. Traditional door-closer makes a door close automatically. However, it’s usually out of function, damages home decorations, or turns out to be leaking after a few years. The inventor began to think how to improve. Now, a 3 in 1 door closer hinge is on the market.

1. Safety: Stainless steel construction. No hydraulic fluid, no chance for leaks. Fire resistant test approved by CNS 11227 F60A and F60B
2. Durable: Aproved by UL Listed 4LR9 as per ANSI/BHMA A156.17 Grade 1 1,000,000 cycles testing, with a product lifetime of over 20 years.
3. Strength: Door duty loading max. 550Lbs. (250kgs)
4. Easy: Easy installation. No extra lubrication needed, so no maintenance cost. Only a hex wrench is needed to adjust.
5. Beauty: 3-in1. Combine a hinge, closer and stopper into one product.
6. Consideration: Unique braking design can be set to slow door closing speed at 30 to 45 degrees which is ideal for elderly, disables and small children.

The patented hinge can be used on all kinds of doors. But, the hinge is especially best for heavier door such as fireproof doors, emergency exit doors hotel doors and so on.

The patented hinge combines a hinge, close and stopper into ONE product. It can be used on all kinds of doors and is especially wonderful for heavier door. By using a wrench, the user can easily adjust the door closing speed per his needs. Using this patented hinge can not only save you from installation troubles but also total costs.



Founded in 1979, Waterson Corporation has more than 40 years experience.in the hardware business. Through those years, Waterson has earned over 100 utility patents, including SAFLOK Coupling and W-LOK Padlock, which are known industry-wide for their 10x safety. At the same time, Waterson has earned numerous international awards, including gold medals at 1995 Inpex XI Invention Expo in the United States, 1995 Japanese Good Design “G” Mark, and the 1996 24th Salon International Des Inventions Geneva, to name a few.

In 2005, Waterson began developing automatic door closers, and after six dedicated years we officially launched the Waterson Stainless Steel Auto Door-Closer Hinge. This marked the industry’s first stainless steel closer hinge that featured noiseless closing. Then in 2015 we introduced an innovative hybrid hinge that combines mechanical and hydraulic technology. Today Waterson Closer Hinges are used around the world in commercial and residential applications.


As a young girl my sister Sarah was always coming and going out to play, back for meals and so much more. The door to our family entrance was quite heavy and tended to slam rather viciously when closing. It was a big, striking door, but a little hazardous for a young girl. My father (see photo), the consummate problem-solving inventor, took it upon himself to make the door safer for she and my Nana.

My father began researching door closers with great passion and interest. He bought, disassembled and reassembled dozens of components until he truly understood their strengths and weaknesses. Yet he was never able to find the hardware that could solve his heavy door problem. After years of study he finally discovered the science behind closing heavy doors in a safe manner for young girls like my sister — he successfully innovated the traditional big, clumsy door closer box into a sleek, efficient barrel design that opens easily and closes safely. Perfect for Sarah and my grandma!

Today my dad’s innovative hinge design is chosen by architects and builders around the world. You can find Waterson hinges in commercial applications from New York to Singapore to Dubai and beyond.

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