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Thor 700 Plus Electric handpiece system
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:Thor 700 Plus
award 3

With core technology of mechanical and electrical integration and mature electronics supply chain in Taiwan, Thunder Tiger successfully design and launch the lightest Electric handpiece system, Thor700+, in Asia except Japan.
The traditional power sourced dental handpiece is high pressure, its unstable torque, easily worn core parts and poor speed control would decrease the treatment effect and increase hospital's maintenance cost. For improvement, the future trend is to replace high pressure handpiece system by brushless DC motor. In the market, this product grow rapidly in Europe and North America, and is still an innovative product in Asia.
a) Compact size, easy to install and operate.
b) Brushless motor design, no carbon dust and wear, ensures longer life cycle.
c) One of the shortest & lightest torque-controlled dental motors in the world - Motor weighs only 62g.
d) Lighter motor and better performance, allows smoother operate after long use.
e) Autoclavable up to max 135 ° C, prevents cross-infection.
f) ISO standard coupling, can be used with different ratio of the handpiece.
g) 7 stages of LED adjustment, provide dentist realistic illumination.
h) Stable torque output, rotation speed to 20,000rpm with 1:5 contra angle handpiece.
i) Motor speed range 2000~40000rpm, connect with 4:1 contra angle handpiece for dental cleaning and whitening treatment.
j) Shorten treatment time, good for dentist and patient.
In 2011, TTBIO has joined into marketing alliance with world’s largest provider of health care products and service to office-based practitioners - Henry Schein, and have signed an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement for Hong Kong and China. With the global resources of Henry Schein and its leading position of providing products and services to dental practitioners, we are very optimistic about the benefit this strategic alliance will hold for increasing sales of TTBIO dental products around the world.



Thunder Tiger, a professional R/C model brand belongs to Thunder Tiger Group, was born in 1979. Products lines cover all series radio control models, including RC helicopters, RC airplanes, RC cars, RC boats, RC submarines, RC model engines, and RC accessories. Dedicated to RC models market, Thunder Tiger has established its firm position with trustworthiness and innovations.
With core technology in R/C models and eco-conscious on taking good care for the earth, TTC has devoted to the R&D in tools and machines related to agriculture and gardening. Our goal is to reduce pollution, improve quality of life and we take this as our Green Energy Departments’ strategy for future development.


TTRobotix, a new brand from Thunder Tiger Corp., aim for environmental monitoring, meteorology, water conservation, fire protection, military, and other unmanned vehicle market. TTRobotix release water, land and air unmanned vehicle products with gimbal, FPV, and the most popular GoPro camera. Users can completely overlook the landscape of the earth through TTRobotix’ multi-axis device which apply new image transmission technology, HD image transmission systems, and thermal sensing system.

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