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Fanless Panel PC
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:PPC-7368F/ PPC-7360F/ PPC-7365F
Protech Systems Co., Ltd.
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Protech extends the experience of industrial PC products to develop the new VIA Eden CPU PPC-736XF Fanless Panel PC, which can apply to industry automation, human machine interface, banking automation, aviation, KIOSK, etc. fields. The main features and functions are: 1. Provide low poer VIA Eden CPU solution, and develop the panel PC to be fanless but still can preserve the normal operation. The fanless panel PC can avoid the voltage consumption of fan and also eliminate the noise when the fan is running. The fanless panel PC also can overcome the rough working environments, such as dusty food processing industry or textile industry that is full of cotton fiber. 2. Besides of AC power, the fanless panel PC also provide DC 24V power, which can solve customer's integration under DC power environment and also decrease the thermal from system power. 3. Provide different size of LCD monitor, including 8.4"/ 10.4"/ 15", which can support different customers' requirements under different spaces or applications. Besides, the PPC-736XF series also have IP65 certified, which can support customer in water-proof or dusty-proof environments. 4. Optional choices for hard disk drives or IDE CF card, to combine with different operation systems, such as XP Professional/ XP Embedded/ Win CE.Net, etc. Although the PPC-736XF can provide flexibility of system accessories and operation systems, it also provide a better price for customers. 5. Integrated with power supply module, VGA chip, Audio chip, LAN chip and also provide LCD monitor and touch panel, users only need to plug in power and turn on, the system can operate immediately. 6. Provide 2-4 COM ports and also can select 5V/1A or 12V/1A DC output, compare to normal COM port which can not provide power, the PPC-736XF series can be used in more various environments, such as POS applications. Besides, PPC-736XF also provide 2 USB ports and 1 Giga LAN that can integrate with more accessories.


About Protech Systems Co., Ltd.

Protech Systems established in 1980, focus on industrial control manufacturing and design in the beginning period. From 2000, Protech transferred the business to specialize innovative industrial technology products. Successfully to promote automation products, embedded computers, and POS to worldwide and to be leading an important position in IPC industry.
Protech Systems’s operation center is based in Taiwan, all the service stages from R&D, production management, quality control, and sales marketing are provided completed in Protech headquarter and its own factory in Taiwan. To establish vertical integrated service to customers in the world and to arrange branch offices in several foreign countries to provide dedicate supporting for local markets. Committed to research technology innovation development to keep expand continuously Protech’s business in the future. At the meanwhile, being positive to pursue the best quality services and create win-win strategy with customers.


Established in 1980, Protech Systems specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial controls. In 1990, Protech Systems transformed to Personal computer fields. One the occasion of the PC industry flourishing in 2000, Engel Wu, the founder of Protech Systems, determined decided to transit the business to industrial computers fields. Protech Systems represent business ideas into the "honesty, aggressiveness and stable growth" corporate design, guiding the sustainable values. In year 2001, we started to implement the brand strategy, and launched our own brand of "PROX" to global marketing channels. “PROX” combines Protech Systems and X. It shows Protech Systems pursues customer-oriented with professional quality requirement. Also, “X” represents the idea of eXtersion. We believe information industry and industrial computer products are the key components of future technology products which will bring unlimited development for automation life style applications.

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