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Dual Drive SSD
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:CSD(Combo SATA Drive)
Apacer Technology Inc.
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CSD is a special design with dual SATA SSD inside the 2.5" SSD space, adopting SAS connector, which enables users to freely choose the capacity size of the disk and NAND Flash type. CSD, whose sequential read speed is up to over 1000MB/s, can be set by users into high-speed or back-up (RAID0/1) mode to apply to various demands. It is qualified to serve as a storage solution with high data security and optimal access efficiency.
Product Features:
1) Unique Dual Disk Design:CSD features dual disk design that boasts high flexibility, which allows users to employ appropriate NAND Flash type and to arrange the capacity of dual solid disk depending on demands of practical capacity up to 256GB. The optimal combination suggests one disk serve as a Cache Memory, adopting SLC chip to be used as the system disk to increase the read speed, while employing the other disk with high-capacity MLC as back-up solution.
2) RAID 0/1 Mode with Dual Advantage:CSD is a SSD with dual advantage equipped with (RAID 0/1) disk arrays. The creative design allows users to switch to corresponding function mode depending on practical needs for usage through BIOS settings, offering both fast transmission speed (RAID 0) and dual backup of important data (RAID 1), which substantially enhances data security.
3) Ultimate Performance of Data Access :Under RAID 0 mode, CSD delivers a sequential read speed up to 1,000MB/s. It provides users with the experience of easier file search and boosts data transmission speed.
4) Support various value-added functions:To strengthen performance, the SSD offers 40 bit ECC to enhance the accuracy and integrity of data. The built-in Global Wear Leveling can prolong the product life through protecting specific storage block from breakdown by excessive access.
5) High Reliability to Meet Stringent Demands:The CSD is required to pass several stern environmental reliability tests and on-going reliability testing for ensured stability and lifespan of the products.


About Apacer Technology Inc.

Apacer Technology offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the industry.


Apacer is the recognized name in innovative memory module supply that is widely used in digital media applications as well as reading and sharing of digital data. Apacer truly understands the importance of digital data storage and duplication, hence continues to develop optimized versions of digital storage solutions.
Using its witty slogan “Access the Best” to represent its effort to enhance brand value, Apacer dedicates itself in providing the best products and services. “Access” literally suggests total convenience and freedom in data reading, sharing and communication, while “Best” represents unparalleled quality. Apacer in fact promises users improved digital experiences with its line of memory modules and peripherals.

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