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Devotion Product Series
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:外套-2in1功能外套 4710102030039 外套-兩截式雨衣 4710450200016 褲-兩截式雨衣 4710450200023
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The blue and white uniform of the Tzu Chi volunteers is the most recognizable part of Tzu Chi to the public, especially in international disaster relief missions, recycling stations, as well as year-end goods distribution to those in needs. The spirits of these volunteers symbolizes warmth, simplicity, concentration, and solidarity; the elements of which have become the design focus of the Devotion Product Series, hoping to copiously meet the needs of the volunteers during their voluntary actions where they could wholeheartedly focus on demonstrating kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving.
As Jing Si Aphorism goes, “We are connected like one big family. Therefore, love each other during peaceful times and help each other when calamities strike.” When disaster occurs, the surrounding is often devastated. The international relief volunteers must be able to provide instant aids wherever needed. In order to meet their needs, DA.AI Technology specially design these functional fabric series for use in different areas, such as good thermal effect and waterproof functions in bad weather, providing them with the maximum level of safety and comfort when saving and helping others.
The 2in1 functional jackets are waterproof; the fabric can reach waterproof and water vapor transmission level of 10,000 mm. The inside is filled with cotton, warm and comfortable enough to meet the standard of climbing a snow mountain. The sleeves are foldable and there are multiple ways of wearing. With these special waterproof and thermal functions, even if the weather is extremely cold, the volunteers are still protected when carrying out outdoor activities all day.
The two-piece raincoats are also waterproof; the fabric can reach waterproof and water vapor transmission level of 5,000 mm and has good wet perspiration function for comfort wear. The two-piece raincoats are easy to wear and take off, thus bringing great convenience.



“Turn resources into gold, gold into love, love into a purifying force, and surround the globe with it.” DA.AI Technology, who desires to become the paragon of the industry, is creating a global environmentally-friendly brand. Through our brand, products, and marketing, we are spreading Master Cheng Yen’s philosophy of coexisting with the Earth. Through the love and commitment demonstrated by our environmental protection promotion, and DA.AI’s consistent contributions back to the society, we will take the environmental movement to new heights.
We are looking forward to the green trend in the 21st century and working with anyone interested in following Master Cheng Yen’s guidance to “use the clapping hands to do environmental protection work”. We are actively involved in protecting the environment. By working together in a committed fashion, we can, and will, reach new heights in the protection of our planet and the betterment of humanity.


DA.AI was founded in December 2008. It is Taiwan’s first non-profit company dedicated to producing eco-friendly products and one of the world’s first non-profit companies which donates 100% of its net proceeds to charity.
DA.AI adheres to Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s concept of “Coexist with the Earth” by using recycled PET bottles as raw material to manufacture recycled eco-products, activating a new life cycle for the PET bottles and reducing the consumption of natural resources.
DA.AI has developed recycled textile raw materials, such as recycled poly chips, recycled polyester fibers and recycled fabrics. DA.AI’s production process has received a “Global Recycling Standard” (“GRS”) certification from the Netherland’s Peterson Control Union. The eco-friendly fleece blanket made with 100% recycled polyester has also received the Carbon Footprint Certifications from both Germany’s TUV Rheinland and the EPA.

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