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Electric Folding Treadmill
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:TM3010 /TM3020 /TM3030
Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.
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TM3 series have many unique designs,including:(a)eFOLD:Only one incline motor can provide electrical folding and incline,and the user can move this treadmill easily after folding;(b)Simple and clean outlook:One-piece frame design makes its appearance simple and clean; (c) Intelli-Step:Counts each step by current detection.Let user can easily upload data to health management system;(d) Intelli-Guard:Automatically senses when the user is walking on the treadmill.If no in use,the treadmill will stop automatically for safety and saving energy;(e)Plug-in Bluetooth:Provide wireless connection between our own App and TM3 treadmill.It not only links with ACSM certificated health management system to read,save,and transmit personal workout data,but also cooperates with professional coach and medical people to design the personal exercise programs and instantly update exercise prescriptions, let exercise more scientific and effective;(f)App:Developing our owned iOS and Android apps and uploading to Apple store and Android@home, to increase TM3 series’ exposure. Enrich TM3’s operation interface and exercise profiles;let treadmill becomes a multimedia fitness equipment.
1.Cooperate with iHP by tie-in sale,only we can provide users to own a total-solution health service.They can synchronously record their exercise data by the plug-in Bluetooth and upload the data to iHP personal account.
2.EFOLD and easy-moving transportation are the best choices for the elders.They don’t worry about to twist their waists or cause back pain while folding the treadmill.
3.Plug-in Bluetooth provides a wireless environment.The user can download our App to link with the treadmill by Bluetooth.It’s not only suitable for the youth and females who like using handheld devices,and also for the elders, because of its user-friendly.
4.Gain Apple’s MFi approval which is a quite useful promotion for TM3 with MFi logos “Made for iPad”, and perform in many marketing materials.


About Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

With the headquarter situated in Taiwan, Strength Master is applying global business and management strategies to adapt to the rapid development and globalization of market competitions. The R&D centers in both Taiwan and the U.S. specialize in product development based on the user-centered design with mature and established production technologies to deliver trustworthy products. Strength Master aims to help people follow through their workout routines by integrating both hardware and software to provide an all-inclusive solution to health and wellness. With this goal in mind, we actively follow our aspiration to be the leader in the field of health and wellness with our passion and expertise.


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