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VIP Series
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:KM-1520.3T/KM-1510.3T
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VIP is designed for elderly who suggests to seat stably and those who need to be seated on wheelchair for a long time. It has three main features. The Tilt-in-space design can reduce the chance of pressure ulcer; Easy to operate Hydraulic Pressure Support System; Foldable to the most convenient size to store and travel to prevent injury for the attendants.

Tilt-in-space system further enables attendant to tilt the chair upward from 0 degree to 35 degree, allowing user to change to the most comfortable position according to own preference. This feature helps reduce the potential of developing pressure ulcer because it relieves the pressure accumulated around buttocks area.

Foldable system together with super lightweight design brings great convenience for both storing and traveling. Moreover, it requires no tool for assembly or disassembly.

The pressure releasing system is composed of two hydraulic pressure support bars that are placed behind back cushion, giving extra support for both user and attendant while reclining and lifting. It offers a greater help to attendant since two hydraulic pressure bars evenly distribute user’s body weight, hence, lower the speed and minimize shock buildups when recline; and eventually prolong wheelchair service life.

The marketing of VIP 515 will focus on building a good relations with PTs(Physiotherapist). There are over 50% VIP 515 users will use the government funding system to get monetary support. PT is the key person to suggest a right wheelchair to the user. For the past 5 years, Karma has held several seminars to present products to PTs and this has created a good brand image among these professions. In 2013, we produce a booklet for PTs to help them easy to get reference about our products. VIP 515 is recognized by PTs that can help to prevent pressure ulcer. The sales figure is expecting 20% growth in 2013.



Established in 1987, Karma is an energetic and passionate brand that designs, manufactures, and sells a full range of mobility products for global markets over three decades.

Karma owns a strong in-house R&D team committed to providing the best product designs to the elderly and disabled people. In 2015 and 2018, Karma products were awarded by iF Design and Red Dot Design Awards.

Nowadays, senior citizens and people with physical limitations from more than 40 countries can easily obtain Karma’s high-quality products and services, including the UK, Europe, Oceania, North America, and Asia. In these markets, Karma has achieved a very good market share and brand preference with a great reputation.

Together with products, innovations, and the core value - "Fit", Karma continues to move forward, and offer innovative life enhancement products which enable handicapped people to enjoy more active lifestyles and enrich their lives.


It was a rainy day in 1987 that changed the life of Kenny Chen, Karma’s founder. One rainy day, when Kenny noticed a woman struggling to put her father’s wheelchair into the trunk of the car. The wheelchair was so heavy that even a strong man like him can hardly lift it up. Kenny couldn’t forget the despair of this woman, soaked in the rain and being splashed into busy traffic, or the weight and the clumsiness of her father’s wheelchair. He wondered Couldn’t wheelchairs be better? Each of our products is designed with our customers’ voices, needs, and desires in mind. When it comes to user experiences, we strive to be more “caring”, empathetic” and “approachable” Through our dedication and our mindfulness, we look forward to bringing more confidence, joy, and love for life to those with physical disabilities around the world.