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WiZARD 230 Nasal Pillows Mask
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:WiZARD 230
Apex Medical Corp.
award 3

1. Unique headgear with special technique:Breathable and soft headgear with angle reinforcements provide a very soft touch and stabilization in an undisturbing way even in lateral sleeping positions.

2. Self Adjusting Nasal Pillows:Nasal pillows on a soft and flexible base turn to the nostrils to fit comfortably for most users. A groove in the middle of cushion to avoid touching the nose tip and upper lip. Detachable for easy cleaning. Hooks for intuitive assembling.
3. Lightweight Frame:Lightweight winged frame to follow face contour for comfortable fit.

4. Optional Tube Retainer Clip:Unique removable tube retainer buckle for optional tube fixation.

5. Ball and Socket Elbow with Short Tube:Allows tube positioning in all directions and accommodates free movement during sleep.

6. Quick-Release Swivel:Easy to handle connection and disconnection of the tube.

7. User Friendly Package:Include storage bag and cleaning brush allow easy clean and keep.

8. Eco Friendly: Spare parts to keep an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed parts.


About Apex Medical Corp.

APEX Medical Corporation, founded in 1990, is a leading company in medical care industry and dedicated to wound care management and respiratory therapies. Its products include support surfaces for prevention of pressure ulcers, and the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). APEX has built an extensive distribution network with sales in over 60 countries worldwide.


The corporate motto of APEX is “Do the right thing the first time.” In order to provide a better medical environment to medical personnel, care-givers and care-receivers, APEX continually offers comprehensive products through clinical research and its advanced medical engineering technologies so as to make “Care for a Healthy Life” and “Smiling Healthy Life” a reality.