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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:9P-047500/ 9P-047540/ 9P-047560/ 9P-047580
Apex Medical Corp.
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1. Automatically Adjust: With the proprietary pressure/body-weight algorithm embedded, the system is able to automatically adjust and provide the optimal pressure in response to patient’s body mass distribution and movement. This saves caregiver’s time and loading.
2. 8” cell-on-cell Bladder Design: retain static pressure for up to more than 10 hours during power failure situation.
3. Intuitive graphic interface: All the buttons are with clear graphic and wordings, shorten the system usage learning curve.
4. Versatile therapy modes for different nursing requirement: MaxFirm for reposition or dressing change; Alternating and Static for effective pressure redistribution; and Seat Inflate for patients with rigid muscles and situation when patient in sitting position. System can reduce personnel and equipment costs of medical care institutions and lighten the burden of caring for elderly.
5. Independent cell constructions: If accidentally break or puncture a single bladder (cell), only need to disconnect that specific bladder and replace it with a new one, saves the ongoing maintenance costs.
6. Antimicrobial Silver+ Nylon/PU Cover: Vapor permeable, water resistant cover with a level of low fire retardency and anti-microbial activity. It can prevent the build up of bacteria and has strong anti-MRSA activity in a test after 20 cycles of washing to help with control of cross infection. The cover also pass irritation and sensitization tests.
7. Zipper-All-Around Cover: Reduce ingress of unwanted fluid and can be completely removed for laundering
8. Warning alarms: Include low pressure alarm, power failure alarm and service (repair) alarm. When there is an events happening causing the system to work no abnormally, there will be audio and visual alarm to notify caregivers. The sounds can be muted when pressing the mute key, but if the abnormal event is not excluded, the alarm will automatically on again. Different alarm signals also help to reduce downtime.


About Apex Medical Corp.

APEX Medical Corporation, founded in 1990, is a leading company in medical care industry and dedicated to wound care management and respiratory therapies. Its products include support surfaces for prevention of pressure ulcers, and the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). APEX has built an extensive distribution network with sales in over 60 countries worldwide.


The corporate motto of APEX is “Do the right thing the first time.” In order to provide a better medical environment to medical personnel, care-givers and care-receivers, APEX continually offers comprehensive products through clinical research and its advanced medical engineering technologies so as to make “Care for a Healthy Life” and “Smiling Healthy Life” a reality.