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X Trainer
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:XT-20
Sports Art Industrial Co., Ltd.
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SportsArt Fitness XT20 is a functional fitness and medical equipment. It is a brand-new design in the cardiovascular fitness product field. It has been proved to have less impact movement design, decreases the strength of joint, and increases the body cardiovascular function. XT-20 is the best machine in the market for the users to build up the excellent body shape. The product features are as follows: 1. Large user friendly LED control panel and display make the users operate the equipment easily. There are six program control patterns and multi- windows function. It also has heart rate control and the CardioAdvisor? palpitation suggestion system. It provides the efficiency cardiovascular training and weight loss lesson to the users. 2. Unique design of hands and legs independent movement, it can progress arms and legs for anti- moves strength, muscle endurance training, and balanced state of the movement. Moreover it can increase the cardiovascular function, reduces the cardiovascular disease, and enhances coordination of the body movement. 3. The feature of XT-20 is that lower body resistance is independent of upper body, resulting in more effective training outcome. Fingertip control buttons allow quick and easy resistance changes to either, or both, the upper and lower body components. It also has 20 levels of resistance adjustments programs and fits everyone. XT-20 provides the world-class athletes to produce higher percentages of metabolism and max intensity training. 4. Integration design of specialized actual transmission and Eddy-Current Resistance provide the smooth-going resistance strength of movement. It also could start from low resistance and suit for elderly people. 5. It has the designs of adjusting seat and seat back adjustment. The design of seat and seat back has proved to one of the unique pattern. It provides the custom-made seat back cushion and the most comfortable exercising condition for all the users. 6. The low frame design is easy to cross over, which provides adequate working experience. It is even easier for elderly people, the gravid or the disable to use this product. 7. The "improved mechanical arm design" equipped on XT20 is a patterned design. Through the design of rotative support handles, the smoothness of stretching outwards and moving inwards of arms is increased when arms are exercising back and forth. The stress on wrists is eliminated. In the mean time, it allows the upper body to exercise in more different angles and in different training types. This design conforms to fitness ergonomics and it increases the comfort of exercising. 8. The "compound transmitting mechanism" equipped on XT20 is a patented design, which provides sufficient resistance when arms are exercised back and forth. Good effect is obtained by excising the arms against the resistance bi-directionally. This movement calls up more muscles on upper body for training and it significantly improves the training effect. 9. The XT20 X-trainer provides a whole body exercising movement. Compared to treadmills, cross trainers or bikes, XT20 consumes more calories, raises the rate of metabolism and so better training effect is attained. The time spent working in clubs or waiting for other fitness equipment is therefore lessened. The U.S. HEALTH MAGAZINE with more than 65 million readers is a very well known one. The 2nd session "BEST FITNESS EQUIPMENT" held by HEALTH MAGAZINE was voted out of more than 1,000 products, and the X-trainer XT20 made by SportsArt obtains the "BEST INNOVATION of YEAR 2006" award. Furthermore, the X-trainer XT20 obtains the "NOVA 7 BEST FITNESS PRODUCT of YEAR 2006". SportsArt Fitness, through producing high quality fitness equipment, is granted the "BEST CARDIO PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER of YEAR 2006". Such contribution is surely our pride and glory to our country. This provides SportsArt Fitness a leading position in fitness industry and SportsArt is now certainly the first brand choice to retailers, clubs and consumers.


About Sports Art Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sports Art Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. With the leading innovative design and manufacturing excellence, the own brand "SportsArt" has been notable among the top gym markets in Europe and America, and considered as one of the best commercial equipment manufacturers. Leveraging its premium quality fitness equipment, SportsArt earns significant market share in Poland and Germany. The company not only specializes in commercial fitness equipment but also distribute the green energy and rehabilitation products to worldwide. In order to act locally in different markets, Sports Art Industrial Co., Ltd. set up a numerous subsidiaries and offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China and Switzerland. Besides, the distribution network of 80 countries helps SportsArt approach all over the world.