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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:WARP
award 2

To cover annother sporty nishe, which is becoming more attractive during these times, we introduce the WARP-series as Triathlon-specific time-trial bikes and -frame. The extremely areodynamically shaped WARP-frame‘s geometry is based at the famous Centurion ?HELLDRIVE“ frame, which still keeps the bike-record at the Ironman Hawaii. WARP? Just remember STAR-TREK: WARP is the unit for inter-stellar speed at intergalactical travels of space-ship Enterprise. WARP is regular traveling-speed; WARP is the speed-limit in Space; WARP is just allowed to use in emregency cases for escaping from attacing Klingons…



Founded in 1972, Merida is a well-known high-end bicycle brand and manufacturer from Taiwan. Merida achieved lots of “the first” records over its 40+ years history. For example, the first bicycle company in Taiwan went public(since1992); the first Taiwanese bike manufacturer with ISO certified(since 1996); Merida MTB racing team 6-time ranked the world’s yearly top 1; the first Taiwanese bike brand co-title sponsoring World-Tour road bike race team(2013). Ranked as Best Taiwan Global Brands Top 20 for years, Merida reached its global sales of US$940 million in 2019.


Whenever we create a bike, it means much more than working on a particular project or suspension platform: we tell a story. Because also in 2015, each of our numerous models is packed with thousands of thoughts and ideas, countless discussions and hours of concentration and refinementM
began in 1972. The founding of Merida Industry Co., Ltd., dates back as far as to that year. Equally far back reaches the tradition that we feel obliged to the three Chinese syllables “Me-Ri-Da”. They mean nothing less than each of our bikes has to be an equally beautiful and sustainably valuable bike which carries it’s riders to her/his destinations as pleasantly as possible – in the narrower as well as in the wider literal sense. Many steps lie between then and today. But with each single bike, we once again start with the first step…

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