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Gantry column moving Linear Motor drive 5 axis High Speed MillingMILLING MACHINE
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:HM3025L
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HM3025L is consisted of essential components such as hardware and software of CNC Controller, Linear Motor, module circuit box, which are all developed and produced by Ching-Hung. This act results in the first machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan who successfully integrated Linear Motor drive system to High Speed Mill.
Painted in light shade of white combined with iron gray casting base and shining black work door fully reveals a sense of modern and grace.The simmering orange “5-Axis Machining” sticker indicates Ching-Hung’s symbolic color, as well as the arrow sign pointing forward both present the idea of speed and the advanced capability of 5 axis machining.

H3025 Features :
Revolutionary Gantry column moving structure features for high mechanical strength and dynamic stability. Cradle type A/C rotary table is built to aim at the field of aerospace and automobile application.
In-house Linear Motor drive Z axis that can enhance cutting speed and accuracy; meanwhile, it can get rid of the potential issues of worsening accuracy that associated with ball-screw wear and backlash, so as to enhance accuracy,extend the operational life of machine.
The 30,000rpm high speed spindle equipped can enhance productivity, cutting accuracy and reduce cutting resistance. The speed of cutting hardened steel is 5-10 times faster than EDM.
Spindle length offset function is developed to compensate the thermal deformation that associated with temperature rise so that the cutting accuracy can be ensured or even advanced.
Invertor oil cooler can cut power consumption down by 15%.
Optional bevel-gear work kit is available for use to approach various work effect, which can only be achieved by professional customized machinery.
Remote monitoring obtains real time machine status. Furthermore, the real time machine status can be transmitted via Internet to any smart phone and computer where the technical consultation and troubleshoot can be conducted.



Founded in 1975,CHMER EDM has been based on the concepts of 〝lntegrity;Growth;Customer satisfaction;Employee security〞we have dedicated ourselves to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide EDM market.


Ching-Hung is dedicating to upgrade the technology of Taiwan EDM to ensure the competitive advantage of world-class quality made in Taiwan. The market share of the own brand “CHEMR” now is firm as “First in Taiwan, Second in China and Fifth in the world”. The innovation and business management of CHMER are endorsed by the country. Ching-Hung is the first EDM manufacturer to have ISO 9000 and CE certification and won many major awards including TAIWAN SMEs Innovation Award, National Award of Outstanding SMEs. Moreover, CHMER was honored to have INDUSTRIAL SUSTAINABLE EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2012 and the second MITTELSTAND AWARD in 2014 for representing the invisible champion. Winning awards is the beginning of responsibility. Ching-Hung bases on the enterprise mission of “taking from the community and giving back to the community”, and will continue to work harder for the integrity, innovation to build a big Ching-Hung family by customer satisfaction and employee security.

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