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Active Power Filter APF2000 Series
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:APF050A43A-31 / APF050A43B-31 / APF100A43B-31 / APF200A43A-31 / APF300A43A-31 / APF200A43B-31 / APF300A43B-31 /
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With the progress of technology and industrialization, the wide adoption of electronic equipments has brought us enormous convenience and efficiency while it also produces pollution on the power grids with power quality problems. A stable, reliable and superior power quality can help to sustain the life of an electronic system, protect it from damages due to overload problems and reduce the time and cost for repairing power failures. Delta Active Power Filter APF2000 Series helps customers manage power quality issues and increase the efficiency of their power usage.

Many electric power devices can affect power quality and cause an unstable electric current that leads to the malfunction for other electronics devices. Delta’s APF2000 Series can effectively enhance power quality using real time current monitoring and reactive power compensation. After connecting with the grid, the wave-shaped current is analyzed for harmonic current compensation with reactive power via a current transformer. It then produces an opposite phase of current to the power supply system, which can filter up to 50th order harmonics, and it can compensate the phase lead-lag reactive power with the actual current phase. It lowers the required spec of the electrical power device, eliminates unnecessary cost, reduces wire damage, improves the power factor of the system and avoids penalties from utility companies due to low power factor. With improved power quality provided by Delta APF 2000 series, the limited resources are exerted to its best usage

The APF2000 Series is integrated with Delta’s HMI, industrial motion control networking system and cloud computing that provide users with a friendly operating interface for real-time energy consumption monitoring. It reduces possible loss of power transmission and improves overall system reliability. The Delta APF2000 Series provides excellent power management capabilities that are essential and effective for energy-savings.



Delta, founded in 1971, is a global provider of switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of smart energy-saving systems and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data center infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to nurture the development of smart manufacturing and sustainable cities. As a world-class corporate citizen guided by its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” Delta leverages its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and its CSR-embedded business model to address key environmental issues, such as climate change. Delta serves customers through its sales offices, R&D centers and manufacturing facilities spread over close to 200 locations across 5 continents.


To highlight Delta’s products and services in the market, we designed this CI to represent the spirit of Delta. It conveys our corporate mission of“environmental-friendly, energy-saving, and earth loving” and the commitment to continue provide highly efficient and reliable energy-efficient solutions to the customers. The triangle of Delta’s brand CI derives from the Greek alphabet delta "Δ” , standing for change. The circle within the triangle symbolizes the atomic totem, which conveys the idea that Delta started its business with power electronics in high tech industry, and extends into the areas of energy management and smart green life. The color blue represents rational thinking, stability and reliability, a symbol of our efficient and reliable commitments to the clients and customers.

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