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Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:ScanQ
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Never miss any valuable information during business trip with the ScanQ scanner! ScanQ is a portable and lightweight scanner, which is essential for business people to immediately digitize important documents, orders, contracts, and other kinds of paper into JPEG, or PDF formats. Flexible and simple enough to easily meet your actions!

The ScanQ scanner can be placed in a back pack, briefcase, computer bag at any time, and you can easily move it with almost zero burden.

ScanQ scans an A4 document at 8 seconds per page, and its resolution is up to 1200 dpi. In addition to scanning the general A4 document, ScanQ can also scan business cards, plastic cards (such as identity cards, employee identification card, etc.). ScanQ has a USB2.0 high speed transmission interface to perfectly connect desktop and notebook computers; plug and play without setting troubles.

• AutoScan — scanning begins as soon as you insert the page
• Ultralight, portable scanner
• 8 sec. per page at 300dpi, color mode
• No computer required to scan!
• Save images to SD card
• Resolution up to 1200 dpi
• Direct save images in JPEG/PDF file format
• Color scanning mode
• View images in iPad
• Scan to cloud with PaperPort SE 14 and better OCR accuracy.



Founded in April 1991 by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products.


Avision is an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of scanners and multi-function peripherals.

The Chinese name means "rainbow light", which is a reflection of our unbridled enthusiasm for illumination. Our belief in empowering people is the driving force behind what we do, and inspires us to continuous innovations in simplifying tasks and promoting knowledge sharing.

This foundational philosophy has led us to rethink our core scanner business and resulted in the introduction of acclaimed multi-function network scanners. In 2011, we also introduced MiWand, the intelligent mobile scanner. We are pleased that Avision products have won not only the Taiwan Excellence Prize, but also the distinguished German Red Dot Design Award, both in 2012.

These accolades have reaffirmed our commitment to the mission of improving the experiences and lives of people through innovative products.